Electric car will become prospective trend
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The upsurges with the car tail gas discharges pair of environments increasingly influence aggravate as oil price, electric car entered the period that high speed develops inside limits all over the world. The electric car such as pure electric car, mixture motivation car, fuel cell car is producing respective advantage, get dimensions sex popularizes application.

City bus mixes dynamical system occurrence platform to turn a tide. Electric machinery of generation set drive store can device, formed the basic technology platform of mixture power system.

Experienced long-term development, day of technology of pure electric car attain mature, relevant technical check mark allows a system to had been perfected, the promotion that waits for country and area to get commercializing in beautiful, day, Europe applies, the key is municipal and special with the car (postal carriage car, environmental sanitation car) , the bus of fixed circuitry, officer's car team is mixed with the car private wait for a domain with the car.

Pure electric car faces new development opportunity

All sorts of new and high technologies begin to apply on pure electric car, main technique includes: Dynamical system is compositive optimize a technology to gain headway ceaselessly, energy-saving effect rises ceaselessly; The plumbic acid batteries that batteries of high-powered lithium ion, nickel hydrogen batteries replaces a tradition; System of efficient drive of unifinication electric power replaces traditional dc electric machinery; The wide application of electric support system rose truckload energy uses efficiency and property; What the application of network system promoted electric car is modular change with intelligence; Light quantified technology and technology of security of electric equipment structure to receive systematic application.

Pure electric car is about to enter beautiful, day and European developed country practical change level. Current, france is dynamoelectric of the car gain ground degree and retain the quantity ranks world front row, the pure electric car that according to not complete count already 20 thousand differ is moving, among them pure electric car has 8000. Company of power of French government, France, beautiful - Xue Tielong Motor Corporation and Reynolds Motor Corporation sign an agreement, be developed jointly and popularize electric car, collective and joint-stock the cell company that established electric car, of the research of the high-energy batteries that company of Sa Fu spy assumes electric car and development and batteries rent and the job such as maintenance. In November 2006, company of power of French government, France and car manufacturer signed an agreement, the near future makes countrywide electric car retains the quantity achieves 100 thousand to use electric car in 20 cities promotion.

Mixture motivation car is preliminary already commercialize
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