The life of tire and wear away degree is judged opportunely
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Keyword: Tire wears away before balata two days a friend phones me, worker of the maintenance when saying to wash a car tells himTireWear away already washed-uply, need changes immediately. The problem friend nature that involves security to the thing dare not slight, run rapidly 4S inn examination. When steam as a result long expert looks say to return after tire afterwards can continue to use, need not change at all. So the service life of tire and wear away is degree after all with what will decide?

The tire life that uses normally generally speaking is 4 arrive 5 years, although,passed 5 years of fetal grain wear away very small also had better change, because of treadBalataBecause time is ages ago,be met and produce ageing, and a lot of tiny flaw cause the inducement that become flat just about. Nevertheless the branch returns the expiration period that does not have pair of tire to make special provision temporarily related the country, because be mixed according to the different, environment using a car of tire balata recipe,drive of the habit different, the service life of tire also meets each not identical. So this needs us to drive to take some of heart more at ordinary times, tire ageing also has sign. For instance the position of tread ageing begins to appear from fetal edge or the brim place such as shoulder mostly, long-term insolation drench can let balata surface appear into the small crackle of the circle, these crackle make clear right now of tire bear the weight of force and character had begun to drop, become flat to reduce the risk had better change ahead of schedule.

Besides meeting ageing, tire also is to want natural tatty. So factory tire tags a wear limit in sidewall in the metropolis before leaving factory, wear away in order to make clear the real time of this tire state. And we also can use the tire that indicates to wearing away callipers (or feet of appropriative tire decorative pattern) undertake metrical, general groove deepness cannot continue to use again under the tire of 1.6 millimeter, because right now the catchment function of tire is mixed,fight plunge into function to be able to drop considerably. In addition, if a tire has been repaired 34 times, so we suggest you had better exchange this tire blame drive wheel or rear wheel, with reducing the risk that become flat.

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