First balata tire is omnibus detect the project is formal settle Qingdao
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Keyword: Embryo of Qingdao oak rubber tyre is omnibus

Recently, by technology of quality of the city austral Shandong province glue supervisory bureau is declared raise fund of construction "Qingdao examines detect the base austral glue" formal settle Qingdao faces the project harbor economy developing zone.

This project always invests 130 million yuan, main investment construction isBalata tireCompany quality detects the wheel lab of form a complete set, home of our country head will be made after buildingOmnibusWheel quality is supervised examine center, scope of business enclothes the whole nation to count wheel of a hunderd schools to produce a business. The construction of base, to the city austral glue manufacturing company fits international product standard, enhance industrial science and technology to develop ability to will rise to drive with stimulative action.

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