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Countrywide hardware industry will hold congress appeal to create stride to Chin
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Reporter from what undertakingChinese hardware expositionLearn on, since Chinese hardware industry founds a state first the peak of science and technology of large-scale, Gao Shuiping is met - congress of innovation of Chinese metals science and technology will be held at will be in Tianjin on December 13. At the appointed time, congress still will hold reforming and opening 30 years activity of brilliant commonweal choose, hang down with what the hope adopts model model the speed on the way that raises hardware industry to innovate in science and technology and efficiency.

On September 26InZhejiang always healthOn held press conference, organizing committee of congress of innovation of Chinese metals science and technology introduced the material information of congress to the public figure of trade of hardware of world each country that attend the meeting, give out appeal be prepared for danger in times of safety, let Chinese hardware be made from China create successful stride to China.

According to bezoar of a horse of director of center of information of countrywide hardware industry east introduce, from on the century begins at the beginning of 80 time, the amount of Chinese metals company increases many 50000 of present from many 2000, the industry that overtakes 100 million yuan of dimensions already had more than 100. Current, chinese hardware industry already work up makes a few big fields that include tool hardware, daily expense hardware, building hardware, hutch to defend hardware, mechanical hardware to wait inside. Hardware industry is already press close to people lives drawing is worn the industry of national economy lifeblood, bezoar of a horse east say, hardware industry always must hold the sober head of be prepared for danger in times of safety from personnel of course of study, the science and technology that accelerates an enterprise innovates, implementation industry upgrades, the technology upgrades, enhance brand force and international competition ability.

As we have learned, congress of this innovation of Chinese metals science and technology is versed in by countrywide hardware trade news center is sponsorred, " metals science and technology " magazine company, " hardware of Chinese high-quality goods " magazine company undertakes. Aim to sum up and comb Chinese hardware 30 years to become long course and remarkable success, farther advocate comes 30 years in the center of, association, place and enterprise or business the special contribution that the unit makes to Chinese hardware industry; Popularize and commend 30 years advanced type mixes Chinese hardware fine figure; Listen attentively to an expert to be talked, master an industry new trend, market is new change; Build communication communication platform, show the new graceful bearing of enterprise and brand.

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