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The whole world is experiencing a revolution that pack
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TraditionalSales promotionThinking means confine is reached in TV business advertisement presswork to medium is attracted to popular and guide on. But in this contemporary, the times of Internet be current, people has had time and desire to pay close attention to rarely hereat. Most crucial hour is we stretch his hand in the supermarket however when choosing the goods on goods shelves. Pack so reach brand to must have enough appeal.

   PackReform innovation is equal to move at our short-term business, and label need is very short appear on the market time. The product after new label application and whole are outstanding just can be sold. The meaning of finite shelf life reflects nowadays product to packed itself to expire before work off to pack the new provision in. The reform that pack is to be necessary of the gender.

JakobLandberg once had asked client of Niubotai, perfect labelPresswork equipmentShould be what kind of. The client's quick answer arrives, one can let the machine that the market is changed and changes, can finish soft imprint, the assorted black-and-white machine such as offset print.

In professional brand businessman drive below, market of offset print label is paid close attention to by height. Now, 2 class are filmyAlso entering this market. Integral trend can be divided for two parts, set formal offset print and pure offset print pattern. The offset print that combines a form basically is aimed at cosmetic, medicine, health care and wine kind wait for high-end label market. Pure offset print mode basically is aimed at the label market of tall sendout.

In recent years we can discover a levelLabelPresswork the machine added more and more lubricious groups. Before be less than 10 years, soft imprint the machine is average it is 6 kinds of groups, had raised 8 kinds of groups to match as mark now. 10 kinds of groups can be reached on a few bigger offset press.

Be in Europe and United States, card of ancient bronze mirror of our saw with one's own eyes many company is amalgamative the occurrence that reachs new face. This kind of situation is contacted with development change, but really also a few small companies were squeezed to give the market. Fortunately, after passing relatively tumultuous period, it seems that after a lot of companies anabiosis more powerful, have competition ability more. A little successful also new face appears before us, in us this active, of the innovation, of rich creativity, hard and the ruse He Yong that gives them is revealed in the industry of rich challenge force dare. To them, I want to say: "Welcome you, make us collective discuss. Make us collective discuss..

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