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Outlet of industry of our country hardware wheres
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Dimensions resides global second China InternationalHardwareExhibit in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center kicks off. As we have learned, in the domestic company that ginseng of previous term or session exhibits, about 7% - 8% enterprises disappear this year. Seng Lan of stone of vice-president of association of Chinese hardware products tells a reporter, if these proprietor of an enterprises suffer a RMB to appreciate continuously, labor cost rises, the United States second shift the crisis and international market demand depressed wait for an influence, must retreat exhibit.

The international hardware this year exhibits an area to add to one hundred and three thousand five hundred square metre, join course of study of the foreign enterprise in exhibiting to exceed 1700. All 9 in exhibiting a house, tool kind item on display holds 5 to exhibit a house partly. And tool kind in item on display, most is spanner, screwdriver, broach, forceps, file, hammer, tape measure, the labor that is content of low additional cost, low technology more among them is concentrated model product. According to investigation of association of Chinese hardware products, current, our country makes an appointment with company of 25%-30% hardware products to run a state very good, 25% companies profit and loss keeps balance, about 40% enterprises (majority is small company) live special hardship, among them some already close a business or close down.

Works of tool of Cheng Da of Zhejiang beyond Yao is the business that knife of art design of sale of a production, pipe cuts tool of suit of knife, family expenses to give priority to, content of technology of products of hardware of this kind of tool and additional cost are inferior, the labor that is a model is concentrated model product. Before some when year of international market demand is exuberant, exit still calculates smoothly. Second half of the year rose last year, domestic and international economic situation produces very big change, enterprise vivosphere is narrow with each passing day, exit falls since this year more than 10% . Similar case is not individual, nearly 10 ginseng that interview in the reporter postpone a business in, exit shows great majority this year drop posture.

Storm will raid, also the enterprise sits firmly line fishing boat. The Shanghai that is located in Chong Ming island cries production company of Gao hardware tool, although speak a volume first half of the year this year,decrease compared to the same period 7% , but exit forehead grows 5% compared to the same period. This professional production exports the company of all sorts of screwdriver, look be like those who manage is labor concentrated model product of low additional cost, but company president Zhu Jianming introduces, the card that two pieces of others are done not have is held in company hand. A piece of card is ceaseless innovation, development is tasted newly, the company owns 96 patent; Another piece of card is the only city famous brand in having Shanghai area to travel together " China one tool " brand. Last year, this company exports screwdriver 500 much dollars, rank in countrywide person of the same trade the 3rd, among them 45% products use own brand label, exit profit margin still tower above travels together one cut.
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