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Fu held in Jiangsu environmental protection filter Funing Industry Investment
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Aug. 31, Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Funing Funing filter Bai Industrial Park Ningbin Hall in Fushun City held the "2010 Jiangsu Funing green filter industry investment seminars" at which reached 10 investment agreements, investment agreements signed over 10 Billion. At the meeting, party secretary of Funing Fu towns Funing and Zhu Ling Fu first introduced the basic situation of urban and environmental protection through multimedia presentations on the Funing filter industry as well as environmental filter Funing the Investment Industry Park Information for a detailed description of preferential policies. Then, Fu urban industrial filters business representatives and representatives of the investment that will conduct a special statement. Subsequently, Chen Bin, deputy head of the representative Funing Funing committee and government of the former To take part in investment seminars, welcomed the distinguished guests, and all relevant departments and enterprises of Fushun support and cooperation of gratitude. Finally, to achieve the ten investment intentions and Fu urban enterprises and relevant leaders signed the investment Funding agreement.