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TEDA share filters widely used in foreign markets
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TEDA said shares, the company under clean materials industrial production orders scheduled to April 2010. Meanwhile, the company's filters have been widely used in foreign markets, export earnings (including indirect export) have been accounted for in the industry 2009 sales revenue of 80%. TEDA TEDA share clean material under the melt-blown technology as the core company is specialized in the production of air filter, filter material objects solvent, warm clothing materials, automotive acoustic insulation material of the professional manufacturer of medical Health and bacterial filtration efficiency filter masks up to 99%, can be made with European standards, U.S. standards, and other levels of labor dust masks. Filter material to achieve the current standard of only four worldwide, TEDA clean material public Division is the only laboratory certified by European and American enterprises. In 2009, the face of global H1N1 outbreak is spreading, TEDA shares as the only one capable of producing NP-class manufacturer of filter masks, adjust the production structure in the first time, the company's four meltblown production Line 3 has been used to produce masks filter, mask filter output 10.5 tons, while production orders scheduled to April 2010. At the same time, TEDA share clean materials industry to seize the international market, accelerating the pace, and strive to become and the 3M, HV famous world-renowned warm, filter material suppliers. Currently, TEDA share clean material Industry has been in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, India, Russia and other countries to establish a foreign trade agency, the products are exported to the United States, Britain, Russia, South Africa, Argentina, the Middle East, 15 countries and regions. In recent years, TEDA share clean materials industry focus on high-end market positioning, and its annual output of 500 tons from the initial rapid rise. TEDA shares in 2009 the introduction of clean materials industry a bicomponent meltblown the only students Production line and put into production, annual production rose rapidly from 3,000 tons to 4,500 tons.