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Keyword: Careless pleasant phosphine herbicide phosphine carboxyl is methylic

Structural formula: C3H8NO5P element measures: 169.08

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1. overview

Careless pleasant phosphine is organic phosphor kind herbicide. Trade name calls careless pleasant phosphine (Glyphosate) . Chemical name is N-(phosphine carboxyl methylic) pleasant ammonia is acerbity [N-(phosphono Methyl)glycine] .

Careless pleasant phosphine is main through restraining alcohol of the Xi inside frond phosphoric acid of careless element of acetone radical rank grass is synthesized enzymatic, restrain Mang Cao element to reach lubricious ammonia to be changed acerbitily to acid of ammonia of acid of benzene third ammonia, cheese thereby, make protein synthesis is caused plant death by interference. Less than of careless pleasant phosphine sucks conductibility strong and celebrated, and the chart that kill grass is very wide, but a few plants check legume and lily section of careless pleasant phosphine fight a gender stronger. After be buried of careless pleasant phosphine wait for metallic ion very quickly to be united in wedlock with iron, aluminium and lose active, fine of microbial to the seed that hides in soil and soil all without exception is affected.

Classification by noxiousness of our country pesticide standard, careless pleasant phosphine belongs to low poisonous herbicide. LD of mouth of classics of acute of former pink bandicoot50For 4300mg /kg, LD of skin of hare acute classics50> 5000mg/kg. Did not see to the animal below experiment condition send abnormal, cause mutation, cause cancerous effect. 3 acting progenitive experiments did not see bandicoot unusual. Two years raise feeds bandicoot the experiment is 34.02(without action dosage female) with 31.49(hero) Mg/kg/d. Careless pleasant phosphine is inferior to noxiousness of fish and water biology, mix to the bee avian without harm.

Preparation of careless pleasant phosphine has farming amount to 41% water agent; Agent of brine of ammonium of phosphine of 10% careless pleasant. Import commodity farming to amount to 41% water agent by amine salt of third of different of careless pleasant phosphine 41% ,
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