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Keyword: Character of biology of bacterium of rare family name fosters large intestine dust diagnostic biochemistry reaction

One, coliform group belong to with bacterium of dust family name

Coliform group: The mushroom of dust family name that includes alvine bacili division is belonged to, citric acid bacili is belonged to, alvine bacili is belonged to and overcome Lei Baijun to belong to, these bacteria all come from the alvine path of person and warm blood animal, need oxygen and oxygen of be disgusted with holding a gender concurrently, lactose can be decomposed to produce acid to produce gas in 37 ℃ , with change bacili of negative of orchid family name is much. At present this index already was applied extensively at food to produce halfback to give birth to the index bacterium of quality respect, its amount is to use the possibility in be equivalent to 100g or 100ml food number will express, or weigh coliform group the most similar number (Maximun Probable Number, MPN) . The on any account that coliform counts, indicate the level that excrement and urine pollutes, also reflected the volume that endangers a gender to human body health.

2, dust bacterium of rare family name is belonged to

Chinese formal name
Dust bacterium of rare family name is belonged to
Latin formal name
(Escherichia Castellani And Chalmers, 1919)
Configuration description
Straight staff state, 1.5 μ of 1.1 ~ 2 ~ of M × 6 μ M, individual or didymous. A lot of bacterium individual plant have pod film and small pod film. Change orchid family name is electronegative. With Zhou Sheng flagellum moves or do not move. Hold oxygen of sexual be disgusted with concurrently, have breathe and ferment type of two kinds of metabolization. This description still large intestine of bureau be confined to dust bacterium of rare family name (E.coli) , because cockroach dust hopes family name bacterium (E.blattae) does not have very good research, individual plant of bacterium of only minority. The most comfortable temperature 37 ℃ . The bacterium colony on nutrient agaragar may be smooth (luster of S) , low protruding, wet, gray, surface, whole reason, disperse easily in physiological saline; Bacterium colony also may be coarse (R) , dry, be hard to disperse in physiological saline. Have between type of these two kinds of extremes among model. Also appear to be not stuck and produce mucous type. Change can organic nutrition. Oxidation enzymatic negative, second acerbity salt can be used as only carbon source, but cannot use citrate. Ferment dextrose and other saccharide produce acetone acid, go further acid of translate into lactic acid, second and formic acid, formic acid part but by formic acid dehydrogenation enzymatic decompose the CO2 that measures to wait and H2. Some bacterium individual plant are oxygen of be disgusted with, individual plant of great majority bacterium ferments lactose, but OK also defer or do not ferment. Appear in the bottom of bowel of warm blood animal, the bottom that cockroach bowel.
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