Coconut shell base activated carbon
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Keyword: Coconut shell activated carbon extracts gold to extract activated carbon
One, feature and character: Choose shell of high grade coconut to be raw material, become via refining process, the product has hole to develop, intensity tall, granuality is even, alternative intensity of strong, wear-resisting is tall, adsorptive the gender is good, but for many times second birth, use repeatedly. It has special adsorptive property to precious metal, basically belong to extraction with Yu Guijin, reclaim the useful component in gas or purify are harmful foreign matter. If be in gold smelt, especially charcoal oar law, caboodle invades gold of the extraction in the law, gold reclaims rate is high, prediction of a person's luck in a given year is little
2, main technique index:
Shell of index unit coconut tree charcoal granuality3.20m M~ 1.25mm (6~16EyeEye Iodic adsorption of 10 of ≤ of the dry % that reduce an amount measures 97 of ≥ of % 95 intensity % % 3~5 of Mg/g 900~1000 grey portion fills up specific gravity G/ml 0. 40- - 0. 55 implements a standard: GB/T12496-1999

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