The car explodes brief introduction of system of shake sensor test
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The type that suppress report explodes shake sensor applies extensively atEngineOf airframe or air cylinder explode shake detects in. CarExplosion proof shakeThe voltage value that the system gives the sensor that suppress report through detecting will judge explode shake intensity.

Accordingly, function stability of perfect, function, operation precision of simple, test is tall, can satisfy large quantities of quantities to produce those who check need to explode the key that shake sensor checks a system to make research and development.

The car explodes shake sensor brief introduction

Damage to prevent what shake phenomenon brings to car engine to explode, can explode through the car shake sensor realizes pair of engine airframe or air cylinder explode shake detects. Those who press a principle is different but will explode sensor divides shake to be sent for magnetism telescopic with the type that suppress report two kinds, press electric type to explode among them the working principle of shake sensor is: When occurrence vibration of engine cylinder body and when vibration delivers sensor crust to go up, crust and deserve to weigh piece between generation moves relatively, clip is in this is both the force of press press of place of the component that suppress report between produces change, produce tension thereby. System of shake of car explosion proof detects this voltage, explode according to numeric size judgement shake intensity.

Check working principle of the system

Article place narrates a car to explode system of shake sensor test basically is used at pressing electric type to explode of shake sensor detect eventually try, can wait for index to undertake detecting to sensor internal resistance, insulation resistance, capacitance, sensitivity and degree of linearity. Among them, the index such as resistor, capacitance can pass corresponding measurement the instrument will measure, and the test of sensitivity and degree of linearity comes true harder. The type that suppress report explodes shake states means is some vibration frequency to issue its to output voltage and oscillatory acceleration one kind of sensor sensitivity than. This system uses back to carry antitheses on the back to detect explode the sensitivity of shake sensor, use sensor of acceleration of a standard to serve as reference namely, will explode shake sensor and installation of back of back of standard acceleration sensor, the output voltage that measures both in pace of identical acceleration similarly hereinafter, because the sensitivity of standard acceleration sensor is foregone, of the output voltage that carries two kinds of sensor accordingly go out than can be being begged explode the sensitivity that shake sensor issues in this frequency.

The type that suppress report explodes the degree of linearity of shake sensor detects basically adopt successive change brace up the oscillatory frequency of the stage, use the means of sweep namely, will brace up the oscillatory acceleration stability of the stage is inside set limits, the sensor sensitivity that falls to each frequency undertakes detecting, output each sensitivity and the successive curve with frequency corresponding photograph, detect the requirement of degree of linearity that whether this curve accords with this sensor product.
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