Weather strip industry or will enter span the development period of type
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Industrial public figure often thinks sealed it is a dot, but sealed it is a technical product with move very main continuously to industry however. Initial stage of reforming and opening, because lack takes seriously, Weather stripThe industry is considered as a small and miscellaneous domain all the time, development rate is slower, a large number of small business cannot form batch production and quality government. As level of domestic manufacturing industry rise, this kind of situation has begun rapid change.

As the swift and violent development of Chinese machinist job, especially the development of auto industry and electronic newsletter line of business, industry of Chinese weather strip already had the real significance that cannot replace and the far-reaching intention that the industry grows.

Below new international environment, goods of global weather strip makes base will be transferred to China ceaselessly. Industry of Chinese weather strip also will greet to span the development period of type, also be sure to be development of Chinese new-style industrialization to make larger contribution.

Basis " Chinese fluid calm sb's anger moves sealed industry economy to run an analysis " statistical data, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, sealed statistic of 290 main businesses, aggregate index of trade economic benefits is achieved 170.81, among them weather strip industry 214.97, machinist job of outclass whole nation is average level. Sealed industry of country of the fourth quarter achieved sales revenue 2007 3.604 billion yuan, than 2006 the corresponding period grows 25.27%

Enterprise of bibcock of sealed 2007 industryMoxa annals groupSale evens more 575 million yuan of RMBs, came true successive rapid growth of 11 years. Existing employee and even more of the gross that use worker worker 1200 people. Act on lead an industry, improve continuously, pursue outstanding policy, in the Ai Zhi in a new year the group will pass outstanding managing further, create outstanding quality, gather together lulu just creates a miracle ceaselessly in the industry.

Also need to resemble Ai Zhi just about a batch of such industry leading businesses, come further standardization of technology of normative and sealed market, quality standardization, the standardization after carry out. Advanced sealed technology will advance the ceaseless development of Chinese manufacturing industry, be applied by more and more industrial business place.

The development potential that Chinese industry creates has how old, of sealed enterpriseDevelopHave how old.

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