Manufacturing industry of rubber-plastic and mechanical equipment moves toward c
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By bigRubber-plastic, 3 base machine, sincere letter is rubber-plastic wait for 9 units to initiate, 35 industries of Dalian city are participated in, plastic and mechanical association establishs Dalian city balata. This is meant, through 50 old development, dalian city balata is plastic and mechanical equipment manufacturing industry will byCompeteTrendJointly.

DalianIt is our countryBalata is plastic and mechanical equipment manufacturing industrymatrix, it is northeast area balata the assemble ground of manufacturing industry of plastic and mechanical equipment, also be domestic balata plastic machinery creates one of base. Go up oneself century 50 time metaphase, dalian balata is plastic and mechanical the predecessor of Inc. -- recieve orders even general machine plant greatly plastic machinery begins development production balata, through 50 old development, dalian area already had include scientific research, production, management company more than 100, formed breed to compare complete product system, whole set ability also is rising ceaselessly, can supply Gao Shuiping's equipment for rubber industry and plastic industry. Plastic machinery of plastic and mechanical website, whole nation standardizes machinist job quality of plastic and mechanical product controls technical committee and mechanical industry detect the center all is set in Dalian, mostly rubber-plastic and rigid country standard and occupation standard stem from Dalian, the rubber-plastic and mechanical product of Dalian pervades 34 province, city of countrywide, municipality (include Special Administrative Region) , sell nearly 100 countries toward 5 continent and area, dalian has developed become our country one of centers of rubber-plastic and mechanical development, development, production, sale, northeastern, and even there are advantaged advantage and development latent capacity in total national capital.

Current, rubber-plastic and rigid business lacks the our city enough communication and communication, advantage of a lot of area comes out without play, it is an enterprise even for temporary increase mutual and malign competition, the result often is internecine. 2006, dalian travels together 7 times with " Dalian is rubber-plastic and mechanical equipment " name, jointly with combination enterprise of form a complete set attends Fair of Dalian import and export merchandise, strode from " never in contact with each other " to " go " the first pace.

Liu Menghua says chairman, in Guangdong, Jiang Zhe, northeast in base of 3 big rubber-plastic and mechanical production, the industrial history of Dalian base of the longest, technology is solid, but did not form area resultant force all the time. After association holds water, will devote oneself to to make professional industrial catenary and ability of this locality form a complete set. In the meantime, big rubber-plastic still plan to mature a few technologies, have the market, do not produce the product in the plan to transfer other member business in oneself again.
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