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Keyword: Peng field town is not had spin cloth cold winter

18 days, go to city of celestial being peachPeng Chang is pressed downon the road when, the reporter is thinking whether this still resembles without the famous city that spin cloth between this year June, envelop in miserable mist of an anxious cloud. After seeking local government and much home company again, the reporter discovers theseWithout spin clothThe enterprise already was walked out of "Cold winter" .

   67 months, a few enterprises half stop production

Large volume is minor on Peng field town amount to more than 300 without enterprise of the production that spin cloth, treatment, form a complete set, year the enterprise that sale amounts to 5 million dimensions has more than 40.

Come this year, the RMB appreciates, raw material rises in price, labor cost raises, exit drawback decreases, 4 big " benefit is empty " overlay, of Peng Chang without the industry that spin cloth for a time get into trouble.

The deputy alcalde Yu Jian of industry of be assigned personal responsibility for says: "This year 6, two 7 months, peng Chang's medium and small businesses endured an unprecedented concussion, a lot of enterprises lie for a time condition of half stop production. Nevertheless, already walked out of cold winter now. Already walked out of cold winter now..

   Food of winter of big company equipment, small company rests first

Be what lets Peng Chang spend after all " cold winter " ?

Yu Jian is analysed, raw material price begins ceaseless fall after a rise from August, slowly look forward to is firm, ate a sth capable of comforting sb to the enterprise. In addition, a main reason is, from former treatment of complementary makings production, hand-me-down, circulate form a complete set to content, peng Chang already formed industrial group, when textile winter comes, everybody can hold a group in the arms to warm oneself.

Fu Weifeng of vise general manager of limited company of rich solid protective equipment says celestial being a peach-shaped thing, the company fund that has actual strength is abundant, according to rule of raw material wave motion, much during trough hoard for speculation a few, this is equivalent to having wintry food. "The more difficult when, when developing a client the more. " because manufacturing cost is relative inferior, in people look gain is small meet even the order of be out of pocket, rich fact can next. And, rich him fact makes foreign trade, reduced intermediate segment, this conduces to development potential client.

And a few small companies learned to rest, etc calm go to sea again.

   Drill frequently ability of exercise to benefit the internal organs more know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry

Garment manufacturing industry belongs to labor concentrated model industry, the product is add the value is inferior, when negotiating with the foreign trader, price authority is not in manufacturing company hand. Peng field company realizes, produce the product of high additional cost only, negotiate with the foreign trader just more know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry.
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