Plastic and rigid line of business calls new and high technology to join in
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Keyword: China of innovation of technology of content of technology of plastic and mechanical equipment is light industrial and mechanical head officePlastic and mechanicalLi Jian section chief points out the center, in Chinese model machine exit forehead exceeds in part of domestic value of output, domestic industry spends the situation of ceaseless promotion to fall to international market depend on sb or sth for existence, riseEquipment technology contentAlready became urgent matter with additional cost. China has become the manufacturing state with world plastic the oldest machine, 25% what crop holds world total output, but 9% what production value holds world total production value only however.
Gross value of industrial output of Chinese model machine was eighteen billion eight hundred and seventy-three million yuan 2005, but this number and the Germany 2002 and Italy are compared, also be equivalent to them only respectively 30% with 52% . The scale of production that this indicates manufacturing industry of Chinese model machine and economic dimensions photograph are compared, still put in bigger drop.
The person that seize property is analysed, technology of model machine production core from say on the whole, offer the most reasonable craft condition and craft course for plastic products namely. The innovation of model machine is the same as condition of recipe of plastic raw material, craft inseparable, but as a result of historical reason, make to machinery from industry government produce with goods, be in serious separate state. Of talent of Electromechanical of lay particular stress on of rigid production business introduce, the improvement of machining condition, ignore the research of pair of plastic treatment craft. Cannot accurate the character that holds different raw material and its treatment condition, make without plastic machineryThe technology innovates.

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