Changzhou paper box executes new GB after National Day of course of study
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Keyword: Trend of development of national level GB/T6543-2 will pack an industry on October 1 from 2008On October 1Since, "Carry pack the corrugated box that use sheet and double corrugated box"National level(GB/T6543-2008) execute formally.

According to Changzhou cityThe industry that packAssociation secretary-general Wang Xuekang introduces, the new GB of paper box, replaced " corrugated box " (GB/T6543 - 1986) and " exit product is packed with corrugated box " (GB/T5033 - 1985) . Already will execute on September 1 this year " corrugated fibreboard " (GB/T6544 - 2008) national level, replaced " the stuff that pack is heavy corrugated fibreboard " (GB/T16718 - 1996) and " corrugated fibreboard of the material that pack " (GB/T6544 - 1999) national level.

As we have learned, new GB compares original level more accord with paper of current our country to taste a circumstance, be close to international more " low gram is heavy, high strenth " papermaking uses paperDevelop a tendency.

According to statistic, the our city has many 700 enterprise to produce paper box at present, many 30 enterprise produces paperboard. "Of new GB promulgate carry out the threshold that will raise paper box industry, make paper box industry is on the road of benign development. " Wang Xuekang says, although China is big country of paper products production and consumption, but papermaking raw material is rare be short of, expand strategic demand according to can lasting, papermaking industry must go forest paper unifinication, base paper is light quantified road just has development outlook. Base paper is light quantify mean carry reduce an amount character, this is to papermaking the industry raised taller requirement undoubtedly, and the ability below the premise that this kind of high demand must execute in new GB may come true.

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