Reciprocating type compressor is new-style gas a powerful person comes out in We
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Keyword: The technique of methanol of the 14th whole nation that reporter of of Wen Zhou of compressor of reciprocating type of gas a powerful person ends from March 25 learns on annual meeting, one kind combines domestic and international new technology, new material to developReciprocating type compressorNew-styleGas a powerful person, change the with great concentration with old limited company of machine science and technology to consider through Wen Zhoubo Lei, already was inWen ZhouCome out and begin equipment chemical industry to produce a field.

As we have learned, rich Lei company is a major the development of product of compressor of of all kinds whole set that pursues chemical industry, chemical fertilizer using, make, company of the science and technology of sale and technical reformation share-holding system, have proper motion to develop the ability that designs whole set of equipment of all sorts of aeriform medium compressor. This company was developed early or late without oil-lubricated ammonia of carbon dioxide compressor, synthesis uses azotic hydrogen to enrage the series product such as compressor.

What new-style gas a powerful person uses the reciprocating type compressor that develops a success this is, it has distinctive machinery and heating power property, super- fight pollution and corrosion resistance by force. Compare with the plastic material phase previously, get together project of ether aether ketone is plastic have better impact resistance, can bear metallic a powerful person piece the concussion of 2 times speed, it is to have no matter oil-lubricated still do not have oil-lubricated, service life is very long.

Current, this gas a powerful person enters technological process field successfully. With piece photograph of account a powerful person is compared, this gas a powerful person has line of bigger current Kong Liu design, decreased sundry enter, raised the dependability of compressor; It has Biputongjin to belong to a powerful person piece faster advantage, apply at the circumstance with mordant medium especially; In coal the chemical industry that make energy of life, chemical fertilizer is produced in, the service life below normal operating mode can enrage life of a powerful person to raise 4 ~ than common structure 6 times.

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