Analyse price fall of iron and steel of Heibei near future and its reason
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InRaw material price rises considerablyAndMarket demand is exuberantbelow joint action, from last year second half of the yearHeibei provinceSteely product value rises successively, will reach historical culmination June to this year. But drop in temperature as what estate heats up etc is entered with steel industry adjust period, from inside June the last ten-day of a month begins, market of Heibei province rolled steel ended the price nearly one year to be climbed ceaselessly rise " flourishing age " , steely product value begins to drop point-blank. According to investigation of Heibei of national statistic bureau total fleet data shows: The norms of 139 kinds of rolled steel that 100 steely companies that save investigation of industrial product producer price in Heibei produce is tasted in, 69 kinds of norms taste the price to drop than June, 49.6% what take overall product. Suffer this effect, august, smelt of metal of Heibei province black and pressure delay producer price of treatment industry product to go up come by the 46.6% fall after a rise June 41.7% , go up a fall after a rise 4.9 percent, among them, puddling course of study, steel-making course of study and steel press the price that delay trade to go up respectively fall after a rise 3.4, 10.4 with 0.5 percent. In production cost perch moves, below the situation that deepness of value of rolled steel market drops, steely company stock increases, volume of produce and sale drops, capital insecurity, the enterprise produces management be in hot water.

Be aimed at currentRolled steel priceThe current situation, total fleet of investigation of Heibei of national statistic bureau is saving 7 city to smoke completely chose 27 iron and steel to produce a business, with respect to current Heibei circumstances of value of province rolled steel undertook special subject survey.

One, near future Heibei omits condition of change of steely product value

Price fall of this second rolled steel shows symptom from June, the trend will expand gradually July, the last ten-day of a month will drop quickly in August. According to not complete count, value of market of the rolled steel at the beginning of September and 1000-1500 drops than every tons at the beginning of June yuan.

(one) value of market of current rolled steel under steelworks producer price, occurrence price " hang " phenomenon. Because market price case takes the lead in dropping, steelworks worries about quickness of rolled steel price " diving " , it is passivity is small are reduced only, because of this occurrence market value and producer price " hang " phenomenon. Like Tang Gang group steel of 2 class whorl, tall line will leave factory August hang out one's shingle the price parts every tons to mix 5700 yuan for 5500 yuan, and the market price case of two kinds of products has 5400 yuan to mix 5550 yuan only respectively at that time, be put in 100 yuan to reach 150 yuan with steelworks price hang; The market price tall 300-500 that the producer price of stone steel group also compares the same term yuan / ton.
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