Chinese iron and steel is backward produce can serious superfluous and advanced
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Be in the China that will hold on October 31SteelyIndustrial association 2005 on news briefing of the 4th news, in steel assist standing vice-chairman Luo Bing is unripe express, our country iron and steel is at present overall produce can superfluous, advanced produce can cannot satisfy domestic requirement, andBackwardProduce can criterionSeriousSuperfluous, cause inadequacy of available supply ability.

The steel in the basis assist statistic, 1-9 month, production of our country iron and steel maintained fast growth. The whole nation produces crude steel in all 255 million tons, grow 27.39% compared to the same period; Cast iron 239 million tons, grow 30.98% compared to the same period; Rolled steel 269 million tons, grow 25.82% compared to the same period.

Luo Bing is unripe express, our country iron and steel is advanced produce can with backward produce can coexist. Specific power consumption of current entire industry those who pollute difference of serious, tooling is tall, backward produce can occupy always produce can 30% the left and right sides, among them 300 stere and the following small blast furnace are produced can make an appointment with 100 million tons, 30 tons reach the following small converter, small hot plate to produce can make an appointment with 80 million tons.

Additional, high-end product is produced can insufficient, and product of popular goods of dependable qualityProduce canSerious and superfluous. 1~8 month our country imports rolled steel this year seventeen million five hundred and four thousand two hundred tons, product of material of its medium plate fifteen million two hundred and thirteen thousand four hundred tons, 86.91% what occupy entrance gross. And in 269 million tons of rolled steel that domestic 1-9 month produces, plank product of high end is occupied only 38.72% . On the other hand, the senior capable person that is a delegate with steel of wire, whorl achieves 138 million tons, 51.27% what occupy gross.

"What iron and steel produces is overall produce can superfluous, not be to say our country iron and steel industry to will not develop henceforth, however the progress that iron and steel industry wants to implementation is coordinated and can last. " Luo Bing is unripe say.

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