Dispatch of 5 ministries and commissions strengthens shipping of Beijing Hangzho
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To be promoted further south water north is moved east shipping of Hangzhou carry reach pollutes line Beijing to administer the job integratedly, came 27 days on June 25, 2008, attune of north of the water austral the State Council does U.N. home to develop innovation appoint, the concerned department bureau of the branch such as traffic Department of Transportation and environmental protection ministry and group of survey of expert composition combination, right south water north is moved east job of processing of pollution of commercial and transportation center of shipping of shipping of line project along the line undertook survey. On survey and harmonious foundation, on September 3, attune of north of the water austral the State Council does, the country develops innovation appoint, ministry of traffic Department of Transportation, environmental protection, housing is urban and rural built a ministry to combine print and distribute " about strengthening south water north is moved east water pollution of shipping of Hangzhou carry reach administers line Beijing integratedly working announcement " .

The announcement points out, beijing Hangzhou canal carries one of big channels as our country north and south, in stimulative material respect of culture communication and economic society progress produced main effect. As the development of economy of our country countryman, carry on water of Beijing Hangzhou canal busy with each passing day, water north is moved south east after line project is carried out, beijing Hangzhou canal is gifted again northwardly the function that carries manufacturing life to use water. Strengthening shipping water pollution to be administered integratedly is inland river the underlying demand of waterborne modernization, also be attune of north of the water austral safeguard east the important step that the line is defeated by safety of water water quality. Water north is moved south east two provinces of Jiangsu of line project along the line, Shandong should improve thought knowledge further, cogent strengthen constituent leader, take integrated processing step, the pollution that shipping of prevention and cure brings, contented be defeated by the water requirement to water quality, north of the water austral effort general is moved east Hangzhou carry reach builds line capital " clear water gallery " .

Announcement requirement, two provinces should advance boat standardization process further about the branch, progressively implementation closes inside contaminant boat, collect to disembark, in the meantime, want north of the water austral scientific program, equitable distribution to move east haven of Hangzhou carry reach builds line capital, conformity has resource of haven water front, unified program dimensions is changed, intensive is changed, environmental protection modern public port area, build operation area conditionally to be far from air water as far as possible advocate passageway. Two provinces should strengthen code of shipping environmental protection and shipping further about the branch anti-fouling propagandist strength of knowledge, raise broad sailor and whole society anti-fouling treat corrupt consciousness. Build shipping contaminant to receive processing and operation management mechanism, ensure the shipping rubbish that already built is mixed corrupt (oily) water reclaims the station runs normally. Should strengthen between two provinces harmonious, achieve a goal hard consistent, policy consistent, in step.
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