Shanghai issues standard standard drinking water course of study last kilometer
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The data that comes from Shanghai beverage guild shows, quantity of beverage produce and sale achieved 51.1 million tons 2007, among them drinking water is 18.12 million tons, it is beverage in the biggest category, grow 16.4% than 2006; And drinking water produce and sale of a year measures Shanghai to exceed 1 million tons.

The drinking water of a Shanghai that does in place of Shanghai beverage guild shows in market research, the class of market of water of Shanghai bucket outfit and price difference are bigger, at present average price is in drinking water of outfit of a pail of 18.9 litres of buckets every pails 12 go to 16 yuan. And have one portion small plant to seek profit, roll out the price low reach every pails the 4 bucket outfit water to 5 yuan, the increase sharply of the brand makes the industry competes day of beneficial aggravate. The production of Shanghai drinking water sells year after year to grow, but make carry out sham drink appears time and again, the problem with company most report is the product is risked by copy namely, impossible to defend effectively, manage order what affected beverage market badly normally, some health that affect customer directly are safe.

Below the support that is in relevant function branch and enterprise of partial drinking water for guild of this Shanghai beverage, last a period of time of formulate of two years of many place " deserve to send drinking water station management standard " (local standard) via Shanghai quality technology supervisory bureau examines approval, announced formally a few days ago, will carry out formally on October 1, 2008. Shanghai takes the lead in in the whole nation thereby to from " deserve to send water the station -- , consumer " " last kilometer " standard and superintend have Zhang Ke follow.

" deserve to send drinking water station service government standard " (local standard) from the main demand that deserves to send drinking water the station, management requirement, service asks to waited for a respect to make clear and particular demand. The personage expresses related Shanghai beverage guild, can undertake to the standard in entire industry announce be linked together is mixed next groom, requirement Shanghai is all deserve to send drinking water to stand to ask to have pair of bid according to the standard, promote an industry service and level of management. Photograph beacon is announced definitely and implement the integral standard that can promote Shanghai drinking water the trade energetically, ensure of consumer water safe, make the issue closes the people's livelihood " project sending water " receive with more brand-new scene " 2010 worlds rich is met " hold.

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