The Anhui province: Minatory fountainhead safety will be hanged out his shingle
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Bureau of environmental protection of the Anhui province was made a few days ago " environmental protection of the Anhui province " hang out one's shingle supervise and direct " and " be restricted to approve " administrative measure (try out) " , put on record via saving governmental legal system to do, each district of print and distribute is carried out. " method " decided 10 kinds of pollution are needed first " hang out one's shingle supervise and direct " , 7 kinds of pollution are needed " area is restricted to approve " etc.

" method " stipulated 10 kinds of case can be carried out by branch of province environmental protection " hang out one's shingle supervise and direct " , include: The State Council and relevant section and province government leader are approved do, the serious environment of news media exposure violates a case; Check repeatedly make repeatedly and masses is complained repeatedly, report is strong, the serious environment that affects social stability violates a case; Of catchment of key area, key regional join a contaminative case; The environment that fails to finish deadline processing and deadline to rectify and reform according to the requirement violates a case; The environment that creates zoology environment to weigh havoc violates a case; Disobey area of garden of the construction project of laws and regulations of environmental protection law, industry badly; The environmental safety hidden danger of minatory and drinkable source of water or the company that are put in hidden danger of great environment safety; Cross area, catchment to cannot get settlement environment violates a case for a long time.

7 kinds of case can be carried out " area is restricted to approve " , among them 4 kinds of circumstances can defer to examine and approve the adds contaminant newly to discharge gross construction item inside this area. Include: Contaminant discharges the area that exceeds gross to dominate index; Urban foul water handles establishment to reach its to match bushing net to build serious lag centrally, already built sewage disposal establishment but do not move without warrant, do not fulfil sewage disposal to collect fees the area of relevant policy; The project of flue gas to decoke that did not complete key contaminant gross to cut down target responsibility book to decide on schedule and other pollution administer the section of priority discipline.

Additionally 3 kinds of circumstances, examine and approve time-out this pollution is divided inside area economy of prevention and cure, loop and zoology resume the construction project beyond. Include to disobey an environment badly the influence is evaluated and " 3 at the same time " the area of the system; Cause connect a pollution and the area that cannot finish processing on schedule; The area that environmental quality worsens continuously.

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