Inner Mongolia publishs a series of policy aggrandizement contaminant to reduce
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At present the job decreasing a platoon of complete municipality already entered the crucial phase of assault fortified positions, the situation that decrease a platoon is grim, finish to ensure with " 915 " reduced a goal 2008, the municipality already published a series of policy that decrease a platoon now.

Aggrandizement decreases the policy measure of the platoon

According to the problem of the situation decreasing a platoon since this year and existence, municipal requirement various places, departmental door should strengthen administration to restrain, carry out farther aggrandizement to reduce the measure of the following policy of the platoon and demand seriously:

The first, to the end of 2009, outside allowing to use the power plant of coal fired of the small portion that contain sulfur except the country, other this mortal world did not install the generation set of desulphurization establishment, must stop to move. Efficiency of integrated to decoke must reach coal fired power plant 90 % above, short of asks execute be restricted to produce, be restricted to discharge or stop production processing, cancel 0. 15 yuan desulphurization electrovalency allowance, or the concerned policy that decreases desulphurization electrovalency by national nucleus gives punishment.

The 2nd, aggrandizement is monitored character to the coal of coal fired power plant, every does not pledge by coal of design coal fired the standard asks, violate compasses use tall sulfur coal, once check solid, will collect fee of blowdown exceeding bid doubly.

Enterprise of the third cooking is in in June 2009 before the portion, must install desulphurization establishment and sewage disposal establishment entirely. Efficiency of integrated to decoke must reach a nation standard of 2 class above, at the same time implementation sewage closed circuit circulates, instruct its to suspend operation otherwise.

The 4th, the town sewage treatment plant that includes " 915 " program reachs industrial garden sewage treatment plant, did not ask by program time limit start working is built, discharge a project to execute to this area sewage be restricted to approve.

The 5th, town sewage treatment plant reachs industrial garden sewage treatment plant, after building, do not move or moving rate is less than 60 % , time-out examines and approve the arranges sewage project of this area.

The 6th, enjoy the town sewage treatment plant of finance allowance, the online data that monitor must be checked via environmental protection branch, after affirming sewage amounts to mark to discharge, fang Kexiang gets the subsidy that finance expends to sewage disposal.

The 7th, all blowdown enterprise should install the online establishment that monitor, do not have the area of installation, uniform do not calculate the quantity decreasing a platoon of this area. To the blowdown enterprise that did not install by the requirement, besides do not calculate outside the quantity that decrease a platoon, return sum to collect fee of blowdown exceeding bid. Already installed should strengthen move safeguard, the data that decrease a platoon must withhold a year of above, also want sum to collect fee of blowdown exceeding bid otherwise.
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