Zhejiang: Blowdown enterprise is not rectified and reform will by power cut of c
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The enterprise is discharged exceed bid, after receiving close down to rectify an announcement still how does persist one's old ways do? " byelaw of prevention and cure of Zhejiang province water pollution (draft) " (modification draft) regulation, director branch can be adopted more strong method, stop the water of blowdown unit and phone directly. This draft is being discussed by standing committee of province National People's Congress.

Clausal full text states for: Nonperformance of blowdown unit refus government of prefectural class people or environmental protection is in charge of what the branch makes to order stop production, stop business, shut or stop production consolidates a decision, continue to violate production, people government can make prefectural class above stop or restrict the decision to blowdown unit water supply, power supply.

On sewage processing, still one allows authority very the problem that feel puzzled, pass the water after sewage treatment plant is handled namely, eduction will still exceed bid, how is this to return a responsibility? Yesterday, the reporter understands, this basically is the water that sends, pollute too badly, exceeded the processing capacity of sewage treatment plant.

"The function that town foul water handles installation centrally is sewage disposal, although its exceed mark to discharge, unfavorable also use close down, stop production, shut wait for methodological processing. Settlement key is the monitoring that strengthens pair of businesses, adopt significant step to prevent its to handle establishment to exceed mark blowdown centrally to town foul water. " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Hu Lin of committee member of chairman of committee of legal system of province National People's Congress says.

For this, " draft (modification draft) " regulation, town foul water handles the operation unit of establishment centrally, when discovering accept is in charge of water quality to exceed bid, the offer that can close blowdown unit is in charge of equipment, valve to wait.

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