Hong Kong legislation prohibits food is used 3 get together cyanogen amine
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Government of Hong Kong special zone is published 23 days " 2008 inside food harmful material (edit) compasses exemple " , use in the food that prohibits selling in Hong Kong 3 get together cyanogen amine, byelaw is instant become effective.

This one regulation is to ensure 3 get together cyanogen amine need not at treating any food. Special zone government suggests, considering going up somehow, in food processing process 3 get together the drift influence of cyanogen amine and environmental pollution, grandma kind and in reaching the food that offers lactation female edible for 36 month of the following infant, pregnant woman, 3 get together highest chroma must not contain cyanogen amine every kilograms over 1 milligram, and highest chroma must not contain other edibles admissible every kilograms over 2.5 milligram.

Food of government of Hong Kong special zone and Zhou Yiyue of health bureau director say, special zone government is referenced already the safe level of European Union and United States, proposal content is to absorb 3 get together the safe level of cyanogen amine, more Euramerican standard is more rigorous.

The law exemple after the basis edits sets, anybody if input, entrust, consign, make or sale food offers person edible, and the harmful material that the food such as this contains is ordered more than bright highest chroma, belong to crime namely. Breach of rules person top fine 50 thousand HK dollar and imprisonment 6 months.

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