Equipment of electrician of electric power of the 9th China International and te
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Extend meeting time: On April 23, 2009 - on April 25, 2009
Enter the place that exhibit the ground: Shanghai international exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Project of Chinese Shanghai electric machinery learns
The technology learns Chinese Shanghai electrician
Singapore Mp can exhibit a group
Undertake unit: Shanghai is new in trade international shows limited company
Postpone meeting brief introduction: Industry of focusing China power top class grand meeting
"Electrician of China International electric power exhibits China Epower " it is to cover the sources of energy to generate electricity, be defeated by construction of automation of distribution, electric power, electric power, power plant energy-saving decrease a platoon, and of electrical engineering product internationally professional exhibition, show the product with electric power newest domain and service in the round. Successive already success holds 8 in Shanghai, already attracted the ginseng that comes from 30 many countries and area to exhibit trade accumulative total to already exceeded 2500 up to now, commerce audience amounts to 200 thousand person-time, already developed for Chinese dimensions the biggest, join a number degree of most, internationalization one of highest, power industry grand meeting that have force most.
Every exhibit the top product that can show world each country in the round, latest technology and solution, representing the market that has force most to lead a position. "China Epower " what will keep consistent is high quality with successful concept, build global limits to communicate the professional platform of power industry equipment and technology truly. "China Epower " already was labelled by more and more enterprises choose every year surely exhibit meeting, will become each equipment to purchase the ideal platform of dealer choose and buy more!
"China Epower 2009 equipment of electrician of electric power of the 9th China International and technical exhibition " will be in center of Shanghai international exhibition to hold at will coming 25 days on April 23, 2009.
"China Epower 2009 " contact what extend participator and global market further limits, it is world guest friend to dedicate hard a more wonderful industry distinguished gathering!

Ginseng extend range: ◆ figure and achievement exhibit an area: Figure of group of industry of large coal phone and achievement are revealed; For generating electricity unit image and achievement are revealed.
◆ generates electricity technology and equipment: To decoke of power plant equipment and technology, power plant takes off saltpetre equipment and technology, power plant energy-saving decrease a platoon.
◆ is defeated by distribution facilities: High pressure kind: Equipment of switch of switch of breaker of power cable, high pressure, transformer, contactor, transducer, lightning arrester, switch-disconnector, bear, fuse, ground connection and high-pressured insulation; Low pressure kind: Terminal of electric equipment of manostat of breaker, contactor, relay, starter, transformer, capacitor, commutator, electric power, various switch, compensator, wiring, prevent electric equipment of Lei Qi, reactor, terminal to wait; Insulation subclass: The compound insulator, pillar insulator, glass insulator, insulator that hang type, toughened glass insulator, synthesis insulator, low-pressure insulator, silicon balata insulator; Switch kind: Knife switch, bear switch, transfer switch, switch-disconnector, switchgroup, push-button switch; Whole set of equipment kind: Bin of ark of switch of tall low-pressure whole set, power source, distribution, control bin.
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