The 9th 2009 China (Qingdao) international gives catchment water treatment and e
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Border of 27 days of green insularity will extend ~3 month on March 25, 2009 center (Miao Ling road 9) the 9th 2009 China (Qingdao) international gives catchment water treatment and pump valve conduit exhibition
On March 25, 2009 ~3 month 27 days

Qingdao international exhibition center (seedling mountain road 9)

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Asian classics trade develops petro-chemical association of stimulative center Shandong
Shandong of stimulative commission of China International trade visits the countryside office of valve of branch China pump
Chamber of commerce of Shandong of China International chamber of commerce always association of industry of valve of fine county pump
International can exhibit Qingdao sea name limited company

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International can exhibit Qingdao sea name limited company Hong Kong east harbor international shows limited company
Freely culture spreads sea name limited company

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At present pollution of lack of resource of our country fresh water, drinkable source of water, industrial waste water is handled rate low, sewage is incontinent discharge, the issue such as aggravation of construction of establishment of catchment of urban water supply and zoology environment is increasingly outstanding. "915 " during, investment of Chinese environmental protection is spent will amount to 13, 0 yuan, among them 6, 40 billion yuan use Yushui to administer. Shandong province is planning " 915 " during, irrigation works construction always invests dimensions to will achieve seventy-four billion three hundred and thirty-one million yuan, among them, project of water natural resources invests fifty-two billion six hundred and eighty-four million yuan, the special project such as construction of irrigation works ability, infrastructure invests 546 million yuan.

As Chinese industrialized footstep accelerate, economy and environmental harmony development go gradually gradually the aggravate of far trend, industrial water treatment of China drew more and more attention. The double pressure of real environment and governmental policy provided the power that industrial water treatment expands not only, also be this industry provided broad market. Review water industry market, no matter product of only simple water treatment or product of industrial water treatment are equipment,get attention, numerous manufacturer is improving business management, adjust product core competition ability while, sure meeting quickens the integral advancement pace of water industry industry, development of company of water industry nation expands is hasten of general trends place.

"The 9th China (Qingdao) international gives catchment water treatment and exhibition of pump valve conduit " will bear the weight of historical important task, gather together company of field of industry of domestic and international water, discuss domestic water industry to commercialize development route, communicate product of international domain new technology, promote market of Chinese water industry the competition ability inside alive bound limits further.
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