The 10th China International gives Cws2009 exhibition of catchment water treatme
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Exhibit meeting name: The 10th China International gives Cws2009 exhibition of catchment water treatment
Show time: On April 28, 2009 - 30 days
Show a location: Shanghai international exhibits store of trade of world of central & Shanghai
Show an area: 35000 M2 (predict)
Ginseng exhibit a manufacturer: 760
Watch many number: 35000 people
Officer unit: Ministry of environmental protection of People's Republic of China
Sponsor an unit: Chinese environment science learns
International of the trade in Shanghai shows limited company
Support an unit: World water environment is allied
Association of British water Wu
Wu of concessionary and royal water and environment manage England association
Korea environment conserves association
Technical Promotion of industry of the environment in Han is met
News agency of Korea environment industry
Appoint a journal: " world water and environmental project "
] previous term or session is wonderful review
Ginseng of previous term or session is exhibited business and exhibit a group
Ge of world-renowned brand enterprise, Ge Lanfu, Xi Menzi, 3m, day stands, 3 water chestnut, Ha Xi, Hai Deneng, Xu Huacheng, stay in friendly, beauty can, happy mouth, can. The United States is stationed in international of enterprise of alliance of environment of Shanghai consulate, world water, France to develop nation of bureau, Sweden republic of embassy, Czech gets environment of embassy of house, Israel, Korea to conserve industry of the environment in association, Han revitalizes meeting, meridian environment to be assisted in tandem.
Previous term or session exhibits business area to distributing

National measure
Chinese mainland 400
The United States 54
Korea 33
Italy 32
Japan 25
France 16
Germany 25
National measure
Sweden 12
Spain 9
Israel 5
Australian 8
Chinese Taiwan 26
Chinese Hong Kong 13
Other country 31
Audience of previous term or session
The audience of high quality, high flow joined meeting personnel to leave deep impression for each, 3 days exhibit meeting, attracted the 29180 people that come from 56 countries and area to look around, among them abroad audience 2685 people.
Authoritative medium focusing reports
Numerous global authoritative medium, be like: CCTV Cctv-4, east is defended inspect, on inspect environment of TV station of news, Xinhua News Agency, Zhejiang, emancipatory daily, China morning paper of evening paper of report of newspaper, article, news, news, United States " international daily " , the first finance and economics signs up for, business of China Daily, China signs up for, Yangtse Evening Post, Sino-US Post, extraordinary influence was formed inside course of study.
] limits of item on display
Water supply and catchment
Pump valve and fittings, conduit / examination of laid of well, conduit, conduit, conduit is rectified and reform, water pump, litre fall fittings of equipment, equipment
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