Technology of German international water and equipment exhibition (Wasser)
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Technology of German international water will be mixed in March 2009 equipment exhibition (Wasser)Wasser Berlin 2009-international Trade Fair And Congress
-------------------Technology of European the biggest water and equipment trade fair
Extend meeting time: On March 30, 2009 - on April 3 (3 years)
Exhibit meeting site: German Berlin international exhibits central Germany
Limits of item on display:
1, take water: Artesian well equipment, spring collects equipment, well equipment, screen pipe reach technology of equipment of equipment, well hoist, clear water, film and device;
2, does water reach water treatment Href=" Cec_id=15"> water treatment: Equipment of sound of the chemical technology of the purifying device that chemical processing, chemical industry uses water, water treatment, gold, medium Href=" of equipment of water treatment of equipment of equipment of water treatment of water works, physics and technology, boiler circulation and factory, water tower, activated carbon and technology, drinking water? System of equipment of processing of Cec_id=27"> drinking water, cistern, Uv, sewage arranges system of processing, sewage purification, filter equipment; 3, fluid machinery and liquid waste discharge: Conduit: Pressure conduit and catchment Href=" Fittings of Cec_id=12"> catchment pipe fitting, conduit, (cement, cast-iron, steel, plastic, composite material) conduit, flange, storm sewer, aerate conduit of installation of conduit, conduit and cut machinery, underground is installed (contain a hand to move) forceps of tool and technology, conduit, conduit () insulation material, rinsing equipment of sealed material, tubing, conduit prevents anticorrosive material, pipeline leakage equipment and technology, pump: Pumping station, water pump, hand moves water pump of system of pump of weather strip of pump, acerbity pump, conduit pump, water pump, piston, pressure boost, basement, centrifugal pump, afterwards to move pump, screw pump, metric pump, eddy current pump, valve: Equipment of control of water a powerful person, shut-off valve, valve and system, stream accuse implement, control a powerful person, check valve; Catchment of hydrant, high pressure, rainwater collects equipment, compressor, impaction implement, safety defends equipment; 4, water detects, monitor and analyse processing system: Monitor testing instrument of composition of instrument, water, water quality automation of Wu of testing instrument, water, automatically, record system, (family expenses, industrial) water meter, water is warm measure reach value of system of equipment of control, flow control, lab, central control, Ph to measure etc; 5, water pollution control and natural environment protect: Water pollution restores, water Wu prevents pollution; 6, machinery of water conservancy project: Machinery of installation of conduit of construction of water conservancy project, irrigation works, solder rinsing equipment of irrigation works of mechanical, high pressure; 7, technology of energy of the heat of the earth's interior: Pipe fitting of pump of construction of well of hot spring, terrestrial heat, terrestrial heat, terrestrial heat; 8, swim pool equipment; 9, pluvial control: Wall of pluvial early-warning, prevent or control flood, lifesaving appliance;
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