International of Chengdu of the 5th 2009 China gives catchment water treatment t
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Undertake unit: The couplet in Chengdu shows limited company

Hold a city: Chengdu

Exhibit assembly room house: Century city new international exhibition center

Begin date: 2009-03-27

End date: 2009-03-29

Contact: Tan Yan

Connect a telephone call: 028-68168941 68168935

Contact a fax: 028-68168911 68168945

Exhibit meeting network address:

Does international of Chengdu of the 5th 2009 China give catchment Href=" Href=" of Cec_id=12"> catchment water treatment? Technology of Cec_id=15"> water treatment and equipment exhibition

Time: 29 years in March 27, 29 days of places: New international exhibition center of Chengdu century city

Support an unit: The Chengdu City of bureau of environmental protection of the Chengdu City of bureau of Sichuan province environmental protection city of the Chengdu City of water Wu bureau is managing the office that use water

Specially invite support: Is China become amount to Href=" of sewage disposal of city of engineering company state? Southwest of municipal project of Cec_id=18"> sewage disposal and China of research center of technology of project of resource chemical industry designs academy Sichuan to visit research center of water treatment and technology of Cheng of resource chemical industry
Southwest chemical industry studies designing institute Sichuan saves association of industry of environmental protection of the Chengdu City of association of environmental protection industry
Run an unit: Sichuan of association of catchment of water supply of town of Sichuan provincial capital saves Sichuan of association of municipal the appearance of a city to visit center of environmental protection industry

Industry of environmental protection of city of Sichuan provincial capital promotes meeting Sichuan to save chemical chemical industry to learn Sichuan to save zoology economy society

Undertake unit: The couplet in Chengdu shows limited company

Specially invite unit: (the detail browses please exhibit meeting government website:
Province of research center of technology of project of water treatment of industry of center of southwest of stimulative center of productivity of industry of national chemical industry, Sichuan province, Sichuan is chemical designing institute, medium company of tap water of municipal project designing institute, the Chengdu City, Sichuan saves designing institute of research of chemical industry of center of technology of depart of carry on one's shoulder, Chengdu, Chengdu water supply of the water environment center that monitor, Chengdu
Exhibit meeting general situation

Accelerate as what the city changes a course and rapid development of economy, environmental pollution issue is increasingly outstanding also, liquid waste, off-gas treatment amounts to mark to discharge reach solid trash integrated utilization rate is inferior, serious effect Sichuan saves prospective economy to be able to develop the strategy continuously. Accordingly, government of province of Sichuan provincial Party committee is implementation environmental protection " 915 " program goal, be in " 915 " during, sichuan saves environmental protection investment to will amount to 80 billion yuan to implement major project of 10 great environmental protection. Do these major project include 139 to plan urban sewage treatment plant, does rubbish handle a project 106, Href=" of executive drinking water? Protection of ground of Cec_id=27"> drinkable source of water and construction project 40, launch water pollution of construction key small drainage area project of project of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment 36, zoology protection and resume project project 73, industry pollutes punish project 460, clean production and circular economy set an example, and the environment is monitored, the construction of ability of oneself of environmental protection system such as censorial, information, propaganda and education, scientific research, what the project rebuilt after Sichuan calamity 2008 especially is comprehensive spread out, these act, to water pollution processing and relevant domain offerred tremendous business chance.
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