Jilin gives drain off water the 2nd times, equipment of water treatment technolo
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Time: On April 14, 2009 - 16 days

Place: Changchun international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: Jilin saves environmental protection bureau

Support an unit: Jilin saves provincial capital of Jilin of office of group of the energy-saving leader that decrease a platoon to press down water supply association

Jilin of management board of afforest of Jilin province gardens saves Jilin of bureau of environmental protection of the Changchun City of water Wu group to save environmental protection federation

Undertake unit: Exhibition of city of sea of the Changchun City serves limited company

"915 " during, because reduce the obligation of an index, the environmental protection investment of country and enterprise will grow considerably, invest 1.4 trillion yuan by the plan (RMB) computative, average and annual throw 280 billion yuan, than " 15 " during year all throw add 120 billion yuan or so more, drive here below, industry of our country environmental protection will be entered continuously fast growth period, among them: Litter of water environment, atmosphere environment, solid the key domain that 3 big fields are investment.

National hair changes appoint, total bureau of environmental protection of construction ministry, country weaves jointly " rubbish of countrywide city life is harmless change processing facilities to build " 915 " compasses

Delimit " also put forward, "915 " during the whole nation should add life rubbish newly harmless change processing capability 320 thousand tons / day; Arrive " 915 " end, rubbish of countrywide city life is harmless change processing rate to want to achieve 60% . According to environmental protection machinery " 915 " program, total production value of industry of environmental protection equipment will achieve 120 billion yuan 2010, achieved 240 billion yuan 2020, annual growth rate is in 15% above, among them, equipment of equipment of air pollution prevention and cure, water pollution prevention and cure, solid abandons processing equipment to own the share of 80% above.

Sanitation of first environment of our country plans, " countrywide town environment is wholesome " 915 " program " divulge, "915 " during Chinese town environment is wholesome

Fixed assets always invests to be 111.5 billion yuan about. Among them, in building life rubbish to handle establishment to will make investment " big head " , predicting investment will exceed 51 billion yuan; Town public toilet is built with transform predict to also will achieve 11.3 billion yuan.

Jilin, it is base of northeast old industry, environmental protection and environmental cleanness shoulder heavy responsibilities. Come a few years, fulfil the State Council to carry out energy-saving the job that reduces a platoon,

Jilin province takes environmental protection and work of construction of environmental sanitation establishment seriously highly, zoology is built and starting wall activity is change quickly more. Total investment amounts to the 6 big projects of 85.7 billion, 257 projects, undertaking;48 in full blast project of project of rubbish processing project, 50 sewage disposal, 101 environments processing is progressively also spread out. Exhibit this the meeting is undoubted will exhibit business to be offerred to join show platform and business chance superexcellently, grand meeting that also will be industry of northeast environmental protection of 9 years of China, environmental sanitation. Enterprise of the environmental protection that shows our country through exhibiting meeting general this, environmental sanitation develops a standard, offer vast market space and tremendous business chance for industry of environmental protection, environmental sanitation.
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