Exhibition of bake of international of Beijing of the 6th China
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Time: 2009-4-9 comes 2009-4-11
Nod showpiece: (Beijing) China International exhibits a center
Country: Chinese city: Beijing
Exhibit house title: (Beijing) China International exhibits a center
] hold business chance, achievement brilliantCibe-2009 exhibition of bake of international of Beijing of the 6th China will be in center of Beijing ● China International exhibition to hold at will coming 11 days on April 9, 2009. Association of Chinese food industry and unit of numerous global authoritative medium will be participated in with all one's strength reach support is current exhibit meeting, what meet to exhibit is calculable it is important to spend and publicized strength to offer assure. The place of internationalization, well-known company all all declares one's views international, global high quality buys the home to gather together. Bake of Cibe-2009 Beijing international exhibits the enterprise that will be global bake industry to develop with development homeland and its neighbour market offer internationally communication and commerce platform.

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China International is roast exhibit, since establishing successfully first 2004, already held 5 continuously, dimensions expands ceaselessly, professional audience number increases gradually, ginseng exhibit benefit to rise significantly, consequence is climbed ceaselessly litre. Exhibition of bake of international of the 5th Beijing is in Cibe -2008 of industry colleague support next hold is in that what center of China International exhibition succeeds once more energetically, attracted in all come from domestic and international the ginseng of many 300 manufacturer of nearly 20 countries and area is exhibited, exhibit an area 12000 much square metre, audience makes an appointment with 13000 people. Among them abroad ginseng exhibits business to occupy 30% , abroad audience is occupied 20% . Ginseng exhibit business to basically come from: Area of and other places of Taiwan of Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Holand, Hong Kong, China, chinese mainland. A lot of well-known trademark enterprises also are in in succession exhibit be like,appear on the meeting: Bone Mou Lao invades lofty of Mian of Qu ⒌ a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct balance of ⒌ annulus Qi! Flavour of ⑴ of grand of  of ⑻ Yi Qi ah stalk of ㄏ of frame  ⒖ just ⒌ ぬ Bei gallops grieve of charcoal of ⒙ of vinegar of dizzy stroke of ♂ of ⑿ of copy of  of ⒊ と a cricket spills this field ⒈ ┪ the neon before  of exhaust of Mu of  of basketry Kang yo takes an examination of ⒖ of umbrella of bud to bring up the mother-in-law asks earnestly! Does  of what of ⒎ of idle of surname of ⒅ instrument He ancient name for a water catltrop does rare  Yin carve does 5 summary < choose ⒊ of idle of large bamboo hat does ⑹ orchid die  of  of lofty ⒆ hole does  of ⒋ gourd ladle thank two ⒃ every Deng to ancient name for a water catltrop does ㈠ of Suan of gun of Ze of shellfish of ⒈ of Ge of Xian of ┙ of rare ⒅ letter reside Gu  ?
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