Northeast the 2nd energy-saving decrease platoon and exhibition of product of sc
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Time: On April 14, 2009 - 16 days

Place: Changchun international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: The Changchun City develops and reform committee

Support an unit: Jilin province hair changes appoint Jilin saves hair of province of Liaoning of environmental protection bureau to change appoint Jilin province builds hall

Heilongjiang province hair changes appoint environment of province of Jilin of bureau of Jilin province electric power is supervised examine federation of environmental protection of station Jilin province

Federation of environmental protection of the Changchun City of bureau of environmental protection of the Changchun City

Undertake unit: Exhibition of city of sea of the Changchun City serves limited company

3 provinces are the old industry base of our country east, developing quickly at industrialization at present and transition period. Today price of international raw material rises quickly, exchange rate of increasingly intense, international has international finance storm extremely below queasy circumstance, to achieve the times goal that northeast promotes, strengthen town planning management, stimulative technology progress, reduce resource to use up intensity, advance circular economy to develop to already became urgent matter.

2009 is implementation " 915 " energy-saving fall bad news and the assault fortified positions that pollute the target that decrease a platoon year. The country develops innovation appoint expressed to want to issue the biggest determination a few days ago, with the greatest strength, solid had caught energy-saving fall economy of loop of bad news, development, accelerate contaminative processing, change of pattern of stimulative economy structural adjustment, growth and quality benefit rise, exert oneself compose is built managing model society.

Fulfil the State Council to be carried out further " 915 " GDP specific power consumption reduces the tie sex goal of 20% , sponsor an unit to pass invite domestic and international preeminent energy-saving company is participated in jointly, popularize newest energy-saving product, technology and equipment, drive energy-saving technology progress further, increase the punish strength of enterprise of specific power consumption, contaminative source enterprise, accelerate northeast area of each energy-saving policy that decrease a platoon fulfil.

We are acted on " elaborate organization, careful service, in all conclude good chance " tenet, welcome your presence sincerely! !

Exhibit meeting activity

1, the information system that the company provides the basis commercial value extremely is directional invite professional audience

* basically is aimed at east 3 provinces are municipal of business of production of orgnaization of government office orgnaization, industrial business, scientific research, universities and colleges, product, agent, agency invite
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