2009 Jilin (Changchun) eleventh exhibition of equipment of heating of internatio
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Time: Will nod to 17 days of ground on April 15, 2009: Changchun international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit
Heat addition of the Changchun City runs the office
Service center of technology of heat addition of city of the Changchun City
Undertake unit
Northward industry and commerce shows limited company
Changchun dimension amounts to an exhibition to serve limited company
Support an unit
The Changchun City is urban and rural build council
Jilin provincial capital presses down heat addition association
Association of industry of environmental protection of the Changchun City
The Changchun City is managing run the office with water
Company of power supply of the Changchun City
Pyroelectricity of the Changchun City one factory
Pyroelectricity of the Changchun City 2 factories
Group of Changchun heating power
Heat addition of the Changchun City runs limited company
Head office of heating of building of the Changchun City
Heat addition of the Changchun City expands limited company
Group of Changchun water Wu

Annual " Jilin Changchun is warm, water treatment equipment exhibits " already all previous development via 10 years, built all-around, high administrative levels, efficient promotion platform for the lead company inside the industry. The Changchun City is located in northeast area mid, year all air temperature 4, 8 degrees, heating period is 170 days, as northern city, heat addition establishment is the important composition part of urban base, it is one of important signs of urban modernization. Changchun took the lead in executing a worker to heat up Fei Ming to fill 2006, using hot commercialization, respect of heat addition socialization strode crucial one step, major project of a batch of heat addition already start working or preparing to construct in the center. Get used to a city new need of round of development. The building is energy-saving quickening promotion with metric heat addition, industry of heat addition of the Changchun City is facing unprecedented development opportunity.
Water is the source of life of everythings on earth, pollute as the environment increasingly serious, water natural resources is in short supply increasingly, the life is reached with water industrial water will rise further, the collective topic that increases a section to make an appointment with those who use water and water to make full use of to already became the mankind to be faced with. Northeast area population 1, 200 million, it is Chinese economy most one of areas that develop, also be contradiction of Chinese water supply is highlighted, water pollution is the most serious one of areas. On one hand urban construction sets stock to giving catchment and section water a large number of demand, administer extremely urgent of equipment of water pollution technology on the other hand. These provided the stage of ability of put to good use for public figure of group of water domain, environmental protection.
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