Water also is met " anile " , good water the habit is healthful
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To style of a life, quarter that when have life from its, following a changeless natural regulation strictly -- , from grow, development, maturity till consenescence, death. Water is a kind of inorganic compound, it also has life, also is the meeting anile?

Water element has certain active, because structure of certificate of a kind of chain can be formed between this element and element. Often be not bumped when water, when often not be in athletic condition that is to say, structure of certificate of this kind of chain can expand ceaselessly, outspread, make water ceaseless thereby " anile " , become finally " lentic " , namely ageing water. Science considers to make clear, just was extracted, be in often the motion, deep well water that bumps condition, every litres contain nitrite only 0.017 milligram, but store below room temperature 3 days, can increase 0.914 milligram. Do not contain the water of nitrite so, 1 day hind is deposited below room temperature, every premium also can produce 0.0004 milligram nitrite, 0.11 milligram can rise after 3 days, 20 is as high as 0.73 milligram after the day, and nitrite can transform further for carcinogenic substance inferior saltpetre amine.

Minor as usual is drinkable ageing water, metabolic meeting of the cell is decelerated apparently, affect grow development, and in after old people is drinkable, can cause digest, make water of nerve, secrete makes with hemopoietic system disease person premature senility. Because water is medium,this is inferior nitric acid excessive, exceed bid, but degree arouses person differently listless, lack of power, be addicted to sleeps, insensible, whole body purple, blood pressure drops, bellyacke, diarrhoea, vomiting, with the passing of time still can cause malign disease. Accordingly, we want nurturance to water goodly habit, not drinkable and long-term the bucket outfit that deposit or bottled water, this will be helpful for our health.

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