Little knowledge: Outdoors motion safety uses water 3 great secret of success
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After wanting to handle about field water, ability is drunk, everybody has the idea with different everybody. Some people think field is unfrequented, that meeting has what pollution, drank do not have a thing.

Actually, as long as it is us such spare player can arrive, the did not pollute place with right what can that still have? Calculate actually without pollution, there also is not virus in delegate water, bacterium, or all sorts of harmful material. Below the case that permits in the condition, can be being handled still is best.

Now the means of water treatment, basically be to be burned, clean water medicines and chemical reagents and filter


This is the most practical, the most significant also step. Defect wastes fuel namely (the Zip furnace that once had introduced with me of course is exceptional) , and compare cost time.

Clean water pill

Use clean water pill to be the means with chemistry to undertake depurative, what use likely is chloric with iodine. The mainstream on the market is to use iodine. In the picture that compares as above face, of white then bottle is iodic piece. Iodic piece save need to notice to avoid smooth, avoid wet. It is cheap that clean water pill uses the good point that go up, convenient, deft. More time-consuming, 20 minutes of or so ability after adding clean water pill commonly were drunk. Defect is it is to have peculiar smell contamination of waste enamel. Can pass later period processing at this o'clock to solve, than as above face that bottle of maize pill, use those who divide flavour namely. Perhaps add bit of fruit precious of what. 2 it is to have a kind of main virus cannot purify, cryptosporidium, this is a likelihood be the helminth in the commonnest water. The 3rd cause allergy easily, be met at the same time and certain food or it is reaction of the chemistry since appliance.

As a whole, clean water pill because its deft, cheap, volume is minor, still having very big market. Using on those who want an attention is to must wait at least 20 minutes, 2 it is not to want to use a week continuously.

Purify filter

The face has two classification actually here, filter and filter purifier. Main is respectively, filter is mixed with filtering means purify bacterium helminth. Er filters purifier besides can outside purify bacterium and helminth, still can purify virus. (Be based on the classification of REI)

Filter commonly purifier, it is to pass the foundation that filtering to go up, go out with chemical means again virus, add iodine for instance, also had so in front the defect of the clean water pill with chemical means clean water. Stick above this so-called it is exclusive need not chemical means comes the clean water of eliminate virus implement.

Use purify filter the advantage of device is instant can drink water, need to await scarcely, and also be the safest clean water means almost (use filter the word) of purifier. Defect is the price expensive, have rarely under 60 U.S. dollors, later period cost is high also, filter core also needs to spend money. Volume is large, weight is great, want 1lbs above almost. When using, also need to often be safeguarded, jam easily.
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