Prevent " autumn dry " , autumn relieves inflammation or internal heat food 4 ea
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Since the Beginning of Autumn, weather rains lesser, air is dry, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is called " autumn dry " . The dry gas of the outside can injure the body fluid of human body, make human body presents an one faction " dry " elephant: Larynx urticant, choke coughs, buccal doing, eye doing, pharynx doing, nose dry, defecate not free.

Expression is on the person's mood, it is easy be agitated, the mood is low, say " Qiu Chou " . Expression is on countenance skin, feel close with respect to pieces of meeting generation is whole face the state that stretch tight. So our catchword is: Autumn dry advocate dozen " defeat igneous creed " !

● eats spoon meat more

Have in ancient books of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine " autumn gas dry, appropriate with embellish its dry. " above all, want to drink the fluidity such as beverage of boiled water, weak tea, fruit juice, soya-bean milk, milk more, in order to raise shade moisten the respiratory tract, make up for losing shade ferry.

● eats vegetables and fruits more

Want to eat fresh vegetable and fruit more. Autumn dry hurts the person's body fluid, property of most vegetable, fruit is cold cool, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the effect with moisten the respiratory tract, clear aperient heat.

● eats acid little more hot

Account of the classics inside Huang Di " lung advocate autumn, fill with acid, of Xin Xie. " acidity astringent filling lung, lung of have diarrhoea of bitter taste diverge. Autumnal food wants much acid little hot, want to reduce the hot food such as leek, garlic, green, ginger and dressing so.

● eats decoct blast food less

The food that must eat decoct blast less is like quail of tenderloin of fried chicken leg, blast, blast to wait, these food can aid dry to hurt shade, accentuation autumn dry.

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