Bucket outfit water has unsealed long drink must not, add hot drink to use more
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Experimental result: Unseal a month, index of the bacterium in water exceeds GB 10 times

The expert reminds: After unsealing drink inside best a week, add hot drink to use more wholesome

Water the bucket outfit water on machine is not drunk temporarily, peculiar smell can appear after setting period of time, color becomes yellow, can bring about even drinkable person the circumstance of occurrence diarrhoea.

To this, the expert says, this is pail of disaster that the bacterium that causes ceaselessly inside outfit water causes. A few days ago, national water quality monitors net Zhengzhou to monitor station experiment to make clear, bucket outfit water unseals beginning causes a bacterium ceaselessly, unseal after a month, the bacterial index inside every milliliter water is achieved 1000, exceed national level 10 times. The experiment makes clear, add heat energy to control a bacterium to breed appropriately, the water after heating is drinkable rise more healthy.

[experimental result one]

Open the bacterium after sealing a month to exceed bid 10 times

Recently, the station of Zhengzhou of the net of national water quality that monitor that monitor installs water in the light of the bucket the water quality change inside span of a time did a group of tests.

Experimental personnel parts to undertake sampling monitor to two pails of clean water everyday, the conclusion that reach makes a person amazed, because bucket outfit water does not flow, after unsealing, contact with air, the bacterium is caused serious. Among them index of a pail of bacterium is perpendicular rise, national level exceeds after a month 10 times, another pail of water from unseal beginning bacterium exceeds bid serious, unseal after 18 days, the bacterium exceeds national level 14 times.

The first pail of clean water monitors time to be a month, unseal the bacterial number of clean water is first days of every milliliter 20, be less than every milliliter bacterium to count the national level that must not exceed 100, for eligible drinking water, gross of two days of bacteria did not change later. Inside the subsequently time that monitor, every milliliter is pure the bacterial amount of water rises stage by stage, to a month after this pail of clean water unseals, the bacterial number of clean water achieved every milliliter 1000, exceed national level 10 times.

Another pail of experiment is pure water unseals beginning bacterium number exceeds national level considerably, amount of every milliliter bacterium is 1000, it is the following day 1200, the 3rd day did not change, subsequently bacterial number is in 800 - 1000 between float, to monitor the 18th day, amount of every milliliter bacterium obtains this pails of clean water 1400, exceed national level 14 times.

National water quality monitors net Zhengzhou to monitor analysis of stationmaster of station forest Ying, the bacteria of water of the first pail of experiment increases mode to make clear, unseal bacterial number was that day 20, for eligible drinking water, may 2 pollution of machine produce a few bacteria, but bucket outfit water does not flow, for static water, benefit is caused at the bacterium, progenitive, the bacterium after bringing about period of time exceeds bid badly.
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