Fruit of 2 hours of draft after breakfast of taste empty weak is helpful for abs
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Xia Qiuzhi is handed in is the time with the most substantial fruit, crystal pear, Hami melon, apple, grape, grapefruit... the Ying Jixian of full of beautiful things in eyes makes a person eat appetite is greatly to leave if really. The first accessary hospital Professor Lin Lizhu reminds university of medicine of Guangzhou traditional Chinese medical science say, the autumn eats Ying Jishui to hold if really " opportunity " very important also, to taste empty weak, best choice eats two hours after breakfast.

Many people often argue after all to should be in anteprandial the fruit still eats after the meal. But Professor Lin thinks, sense of this kind of controversy is not great, no matter be anteprandial,still be meal hind, the amount that should take only is not large, do not have too big impact to the body.

Slant as a result of flavour of major fruit sex nevertheless cold cool, to weak of always taste empty, if choose to two hours are in after breakfast, be like in the morning 10 when when gas of this world of later generations body begins litre of hair, eat, more be helpful for the body absorbing.

The around that take drug had better not eat a fruit. "The part with the enzymatic metabolization inside meeting interference human body is contained in some fruits, make medicaments metabolization enzymatic vigor drops, outside the absorption that divides influence medicaments, still can produce a few undesirable reaction probably. " her explanation says, still contain in the fruit more mineral, if magnesium is calcic ion, ionic, can affect the absorption of medicaments, taking more sensitive to mineral composition drug, if the impact when medicaments of Kui Nuo ketone is bigger.

In addition, a large number of organic acid are contained in doing not have squashy fruit, sensitive to acid medicaments is taken together with these fruits, may bring about medicaments complete or partial failure. Accordingly, the proposal takes medical around 1 ~ had better not eat a fruit 2 hours, lest produce medicaments and fruity part " make strong " affect medical effect.

Draft fruit looks even " purpose " , be like the person to wanting to reduce weight, the fruit is contained candy, amylaceous, cellulose, semi-cellulose and pectic etc, also can produce quantity of heat, eat 9 kinds only everyday commonly, it is advisable that one kind eats 9; And to old people, draft fruit is to maintain the nutrition that absorbs everyday more balanced, but function of old person viscera is weaker, draft fruit should choose to be stimulated to the body lesser; Grow to be in for budding child, the complement of a variety of vitamins is very crucial, content of C of the vitamin in bright jujube, strawberry, yangtao is higher, mango, orange, apricot contain carotene more, it is the fruit that should eat more.

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