Eat 9 kinds of food more but able-bodied physique
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Eat well to eat a health again already, still can carry lithe and graceful figure, it is the objective that a lot of people pursue ceaselessly all the time. Here introduces 9 kinds of healthy food, can help while everybody is absorbing nutrition, need not be again in the future reduce weight anxious.

1. "Thin " beefsteak

Expert of a lot of nutrition recommends people to eat red meat less, but beef should be an exception. Beef contains a lot ofprotein, iron and B a group of things with common features vitamin, and most nourishing is the sort of lean lean much, feed the flesh on the bovine body that come out completely by grass again, such tasting need not be afraid of become fat.

2. Curry

The turmeric element in curry is a kind of antioxidant, it can restrain the growth of the tumour inside human body, can kill cancer cell.

3. Happy fruit

Happy fruit contains a lot ofvitamin B6 and copper, can enhance the vigor of human body. Research shows, eat to be able to help happy fruit greatly everyday reduce hematic fat.

4. Coffee

Experts think, drink 3~5 cup coffee to be able to be reduced everyday suffer from 2 model diabetic, large intestine the odds of cancer and liver cancer. And the antioxidant in coffee can protect body cell and DNA to not be damaged kill. Foreign scientists also discover in a new research, drink the female of coffee everyday, get high blood pressure not easily.

5. Oatmeal

The simplest and effective fall one of cholesterol methods, eat oatmeal everyday namely. The fiber that contains in oatmeal can form a kind of gel, reduce the human body absorption to cholesterol effectively. And, breakfast eats the person of oatmeal to be able to keep energetic one morning, eat lesser than others when lunch.

6. Shrimp

Shrimp is the healthy food of a kind of leanness, high protein, it contains a lot ofSelenium of the material that fight cancer and vitamin D at the same time. People thinks the cholesterol content of shrimp is very high commonly, but actually, shrimp contains some cholesterol and can not improve the cholesterol in human body blood.

7. Black chocolate

Kind of yellow ketone is contained a lot ofin black chocolate, newest research shows, eat a few black chocolate, can prevent arterial embolism, reduce the odds that contracts heart disease. Additional, eat chocolate to be able to release the compound amine in blood, conduce to adjust mood.

8. Cherry

Eat cherry to be able to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. A research 2006 discovers, successive 8 days drink juice of 2 dock-glass cherry to hold to athletic person everyday, drink the person of water than those, more the phenomenon of ache of not incidental muscle.

9. Tomato

Rich tomato red element is contained in gules tomato, can help reduce the odds; that contracts cancer and heart disease and the content of tomato red element of orange tomato is gules tomato double half, tomato of a cup of orange juice, can satisfy vitamin A requirement of a day.
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