Black agaric: Can dissolve kidney stone
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Black agaric falls to be being fed innocently hard the eyewinker such as bits of broken bits of digestive hair, chaff, wood, sand, metal is had deliquescent change intention with melt.

The gastric bowel that causes to prevent and treat all sorts of foreign matters unwell or disease, might as well often eat some of black agaric, send from logic especially, exploit a mine, dust, curium wood, repair, the personnel of the exercise such as patrol and guard a road or railway often should take some of Hei Mu side more.
Black agaric is right stone of gall-stone, kidney stone, cystolith, dung inside source sex eyewinker also has more remarkable dissolving function. Black agaric place contains ferment and the plant is alkaline, have stimulative enteron and secrete urethral all sorts of gland body excretive are characteristic, cooperate with these secretion catalysis are calculous, smooth conduit, make calculous eduction.

In the meantime, black agaric still is contained a variety of mineral, can intense to all sorts of calculous generation chemistry reacts, exfoliate, differentiation, corrode stone, make stone contractible, eduction. To stone is being sent first, maintain take side of 1-2 second Hei Mu everyday, the symptom such as aching, evil vomit can alleviate inside 2-4 day, stone can disappear in 10 days or so, to bigger harder calculus, its effect is poorer, but be like long-term edible black agaric, yi Ke makes the calculous taper of some people becomes broken, outside eduction body. Often eat black agaric, still can prevent the happening of the disease such as thrombus.

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