5 big factors affect furniture formaldehyde to release
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The factor that affects furniture formaldehyde to release a quantity is daedal. Toss integral product, with respect to its base material -- man-made board, the factor that affects man-made board formaldehyde to release has a lot of, material is planted, glue is planted, processing of condition of the quantity that use gum, hot pressing, later period all may release generation to affect to formaldehyde.

Adornment means

The adornment kind of furniture surface is right of formaldehyde close action is apparent. In specific executive technology, should notice to choose all sorts of the adhesive that low formaldehyde releases, adornment material and coating and sound technology, release in order to ensure adornment hind does not cause new formaldehyde.

Bear the weight of rate

Alleged bear the weight of leading is to show indoor furniture exposes the percentage of the watch area in air and indoor cubage. Bear the weight of rate is older, formaldehyde concentration is higher. Accordingly, below the condition that satisfies basically in the function, the furniture in answering to reduce interior space as far as possible several, the formaldehyde in reducing furniture thereby sends out.

Diffuse way

Those who be worth to emphasize is, the importance of sealing side of board type furniture. When designing furniture, below the premise of contented intensity and structure, can use sheet metal as far as possible.

Use environment

Use environment sends out to furniture formaldehyde have very big effect. Temperature, humidity and ventilated metropolis affect formaldehyde to send out. In normally climate condition falls, temperature raises 8 ℃ , the formaldehyde chroma in air will raise one times; Humidity increases 12 % , formaldehyde releases a quantity to will increase 15 % to control. Accordingly, below conditional premise, can use air conditioning and unit of new wind system to wait will adjust indoor temperature and humidity and new wind force, make formaldehyde sends out thereby gain measurable control.

Chen Fang time is mixed condition

The formaldehyde of furniture sends out the Chen Fang time after chroma and production shows direct ratio, chen Fang answers for some time before be being used, and be when Chen Fang park high temperature is high wet environment, quicken formaldehyde to send out, use medium pollution in order to decrease later.

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