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If make an appointment with,another grows and come. In 7 days of time that belong to yourself completely in this, no matter be to choose to carrying knapsack on the back,have a good swim the world, all still enjoy recreational time in the home, your theme will be " happy " . Nevertheless, the time of work and rest in the golden week and life condition and very different at ordinary times, healthy state gives an issue the most easily, when spend joyfully holiday must not by the disease knockdown.

A group of things with common features of go on a journey

Food safety is the most important

Go out outer, should beware more get ill by the mouth. Want guarantor to eat safety is healthily in journey, want to follow 3 healthy prescription.

One, equipment sufficient medicines and chemical reagents. The meeting when go on a journey often faces place's fastfood temptation, pass a barrier of some local sanitation may not, big fast acute gastroenteritis should be on guard when cheek, preliminary good antidiarrheal wants on the body content. Additional, even standing precaution and the medicaments that treat a cold to have a fever, and the lash-up medicaments that handles injuries from falls; And autumn also is the person's very easy and allergic season, because this is best,can carry the medicaments that fights allergy.

2, abstinent. The lifestyle of the person when travel produced a change, plus the fatigued of journey, to climate, natural environment incommensurate, the person's resistance can be reduced, because this wants beware of allergy especially food is allergic. Go to a large number of the seaside is one-time eating for example seafood, your intestines and stomach wants be on bad terms because of a difference of opinion probably, diarrhoea of abdominal distension, gastroenteritis, acute these alvine paths are allergic kind of disease is likely look for you. Because this goes out outer more avoid eats and drink too much.

3, reasonable collocation. The good food when also wanting to keep smooth as far as possible when outer amuse oneself is used to, notice element of meat or fish is tie-in, often eat a fruit; Eat raw or cold food less, stimulating food.

Additional, want to carry life law as far as possible, do not stay up late, do not let oneself too overworked. Have the friend of the disease originally especially, should follow the doctor's advice to take drug on time more, the mood should keep smooth as far as possible.

Special keep an eye on: Drive oneself swim prevent exhaustion

1. Be on guard the vision is fatigue. Perhaps see far rest besides each hour have holidays by turns outside the eye, also want much more compensatory and rich vitamin A in food, can take pill of vitamin A glue already, also can eat the sauce of liver mud, liver, carrot food that contains a lot ofvitamin A more, in order to complement long ocular is used up.

2. Alleviate as far as possible the body is fatigue. Not only should drive by turns, notice much more complementary when rest capabilities even, eat a few chocolate, candied, fruit food that contains a lot ofcandy cent more, will complement the energy that waste.
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