Often take the 5 big advantage of the egg
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The egg is the commonnest provision. Modern science considers to discover, protein is contained in egg of every 100 grams milligram of A15 of 12.7 grams, vitamin, vitamin B220 milligram, vitamin C12 milligram, vitamin D10 milligram, iron 150 milligram. Additional, still contain in the egg lecithin, adipose reach a variety of good to human body material such as calcic, zinc, Selenium. People often has an egg to have the following 5 kinds of advantage:

One, the consenescence that can defer airframe: E of many vitamin C, vitamin and Selenium are contained to wait in the egg refuse oxidation class status. These fight oxidation composition to be able to defer the anile career of human body cell. Accordingly, people often has an egg to be able to defer the consenescence of airframe.

2, but beneficial of be good at head wisdom: Many lecithin, triglyceride, cholesterol and yolk element are contained in gallinaceous yoke. After these composition are digested by human body, can release a kind of material that is called choline, and the effect that this kind of choline has cell of stimulative cranial nerve to grow. Accordingly, people often has an egg can beneficial of be good at head wisdom.

3, can protect liver: Clinical research discovers, the hepatic organization that the protein that contains in the egg is damaged to the person has the effect of repair. Additional, the lecithin that contains in gallinaceous yoke has stimulative liver the action of rejuvenesce. Accordingly, people often has an egg to be able to protect liver.

4, can prevent and cure arteriosclerosis: American scientist has done a test, they eat the lecithin that 20 grams come out from the extraction in the egg everyday to many arteriosclerosis patient, but the medicaments that does not let them use any remedial arteriosclerosis. The scientist after 3 months discovers, the arteriosclerosis of these patients not only did not continue to develop, the circumstance that individual patient appeared to improve even. Accordingly, people often has an egg to have the effect of arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure.

5, can prevent cancer: Many vitamin B2 is contained in the egg, and the carcinogen that vitamin B2 can be decomposed and oxidation enters human body. Additional, the microelement such as the Selenium that contains in the egg, zinc also has the effect that prevents cancer to fight cancer. Accordingly, people often has an egg to be able to prevent cancer.

Those who need an attention is, although the egg is good but unfavorable eat more. A healthy adult eats an egg everyday enough. Children, adolescent and old people can eat 2 ~ everyday 3 eggs. Of the egg eat a law to answer in order to boil or evaporate is given priority to. Because of decoct, fry the nutrient composition in waiting for a practice to be able to destroy an egg. Additional, the egg is become by souse after salty chicken, its calcic content can increase 10 times the left and right sides. Accordingly, those who suffer from osteoporosis is medium the salty egg that old people often can eat souse.
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