Enter autumn season, season fruit health eats
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Qiu Chu, autumn fruit in a steady stream appears on the market, breed is various, its nutrition rich, flavour delicious, cure is fed hold actor concurrently, it is to let full the luck to eat sth delicious of National People's Congress really. But, eat Qiu Guo to also be not the more the better. If surfeit or gluttony still may cause disease. The Wang Fuxian that the reporter interviews Chinese medical university to fill outpatient service of Beijing hospital nutrition is informed when the professor, fruit of autumn of avery kind of has specific advantage and drawback, we are in " big full the luck to eat sth delicious " when, must abide by health have a way.

Apple: Treasure is completely on malic body, fruit juice can stop have diarrhoea, hollow eat can treat constipation, eat after the meal can aid digestion. But the apple contains a lot ofcarbohydrate and sylvite, absorb go against health care of heart, kidney too much, suffer from coronary heart disease, cardiac muscle stalk is dead, nephritis, diabetic person, avoid by all means is fed more.

Pear: Have relieve a cough, expectorant wait for action with clear dry, cough to treating the effect having fine such as heat of asthma, wind, pharyngitis. But because its sex is cold, ying Shen of the person that taste Xu Han, mouth says release of jalf congealed of clear saliva, defecate is fed; Measure because of containing sugar again tall, excessive edible can make blood sugar elevatory, accordingly the diabetic should eat less.

Orange: The bright saliva fruit of compensatory vitamin C. But if a large number of edible, the carotene that contains a lot ofamong them, can make leather superficial yellow, bring about namely " carrot blood disease " , common says " orange disease " , then appears disgusting, vomiting, inappetence, whole body is lack of power wait for syndrome shape.

Persimmon: Contain many vitamin A, C and tannic acid, nutrition is rich, have step-down lung of hemostatic, clear hot slippery bowel, embellish promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid wait for effect. But phenol of glue of embedded and many persimmon and pectic, with encountering of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice meeting agglutinate becomes fiber sex conglomeration, namely " gastric persimmon stone " , bring about gastral cavity ache, indigestion; Glue of cause and effect has convergent effect, because of this constipation person diet. In addition, persimmon is unfavorable and hollow take, more unfavorable be equal with crab, sweet potato eat, produce gastric persimmon stone more easily otherwise.

Pomegranate: Contain a large number of fructose and a variety of vitamins, mineral. Pomegranate is mixed to dysenteric, prolapse of the anus pharyngitis have curative effect, but Ying Shen feeds the person with body empty hot and dry deficiency of yin with irritability; Rise at the beginning of have diarrhoea dysentery, the person that has damp and hot is unfavorable also eat Xian Guo. In addition, feed pomegranate to hurt tine more, make easily still person anorexia. Water chestnut, water chest nut: Eat the edible after flower of water chestnut, water chest nut is thoroughlied cook, do not kill via disinfection bacterium unripe feed, may the fasciolopsis on infection is ill. Additional, both sex is cold slip, taste Xu Han, the person that this world of jalf congealed diarrhoea, kidney is not worth is unfavorable take.
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