Often eat these 8 kinds of food to be able to help you enhance memory
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Are you one forgetful person? Need not anxious, want you to often eat only the following 8 kinds of food, forgetful can leave you and go.
The composition such as the not saturated fatty acid with walnut embedded and rich nutlet, protein, vitamin, but nutrient cerebra, the growth of stimulative cell, delay the feeble progress of cerebral cell, increase thinking capacity. Every time 1 ~ 2 walnut, daily 2, eat raw, can enhance memory, eliminate exhaustion, make brain function returns to normal.

Kelp contains the nutrient part such as rich linoleic acid, lecithin, have the function of be good at head, the sulphur in the alga food such as kelp kind material, it is brains in indispensable.

Soya bean and pilchard are called the bezoar element in the cereal acyl ammonia that contains in the soja of the king of vegetable protein and pilchard is the protein with indispensible cerebra. Will right amount soya bean is abluent, add water to stew together with the pilchard that cuts small feed or braise in soy sauce, everyday or lie between a day 1 times, have enhance the memory, action that delays cerebral cell consenescence.

The oil such as sesame seed kind pound of food general sesame seed, join a few white sugar to eat to boiled water, or the goods such as maltose of biscuit of paste of sesame seed of the carry out that buy town, sesame seed, sesame seed, time takes 1 times each, 7 days are 1 period of treatment, 5 ~ after 6 period of treatment, can get better result.

Pumpkin motherland medicine thinks, sex of pumpkin flavour pleasant is smooth, heart having Qing Dynasty wakes cerebral function, medicable dizziness, be perturbed, thirsty wait for disease of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability. Accordingly, the person that neurasthenic, memory drops, do pumpkin dish to feed, daily 1, period of treatment is not restricted, have better remedial effect.

Sunflower often feeds sunflower to have certain filling head the action of be good at head. Carry out a proof, be fond of the person that feeds sunflower, not only the skin is ruddy, delicate, and head is good with, have a good memory, in an orderly way of the way one speaks or what he says, thinking nimble, reaction is sharper.

The battalion nurturance such as the protein that contains in carrot, amino acid, candy, vitamin B2, calcic, phosphor, copper, magnesium is divided, it is the beautiful of be good at head tastes powerful body.

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