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After holiday system is reformed, what National Day grows a holiday to become Spring Festival hind is exclusive a long holiday, a lot of people the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches became sufficient interest wants to be loosened well in this god-given golden week, or meet with close friends, or lift the home to give a travel, or shop to shop wildly, or wait for fill well in the home drowse. No matter you choose how go vacationing means, must not forget to be mixed in safety healthy, reasonable adjust body and mind, ability has a happy vacation.

House home piece

Carry life law

Because many office worker work at ordinary times nervous, because this chooses to be in holiday is evil filling drowse account or recreation of as much as one likes of all night until dawn, lie-in sleeps to answer again later fill.

The expert reminds: Unusual life style, not only the effect that cannot have to adjust body and mind, let a person easily still feel more tired out, the biological clock of disturbed human body, bring about body strength to drop, let all sorts of diseases take the advantage of empty and be entered, direct or cause cranial nerve system, cardiovascular system, digestion, circulatory system to wait secondhand appear unwell. Because this office worker is in festal long holiday, besides proper and compensatory Morpheus, outside loosening body and mind, the life pattern with should not throw into confusion regular as far as possible, maintain healthy Morpheus, food and recreational pattern, assure abundant energy and good psychosis.

Beware eat and drink excessive

During the festival, people goes out repast or the time that go close to visit friend soar, in home of cafeteria wine shop, dweller, the dish with full big it is thus clear that desk mixes everywhere push a cup of guest that changes small cup, blow a cloud.

The expert reminds: During the festival, must notice to avoid to eat and drink too much, do not eat too much and fat food, balanced absorb food of fruit of vegetable, water, assure to eat richly, won't nutrition is superfluous. In addition, want to eat the food that has wholesome safeguard, eat less or do not eat food of raw or cold food, seafood kind food should scratch the surface of, prevent the happening of stomach ailment. In the meantime, should the harm of excessive of vigilant smoke wine. Smoke wine excessive can leave a head gently area of painful, liver is unwell, disgusting vomiting, can bring about alcoholism, liver to damage again, cause acute enteron disease even or illness of more serious heart head blood-vessel, so although interest is high, also did not forget wine of right amount smoke.

Piece row piece

"It is good to be in the home 1000 days, it is difficult to go out one day. " the relaxation with can very good travel the person's body and mind, but go out outer, have after all not at be in the home comfortable, because this needs more,had made adequate preparation.
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