The research of technology of the fluid-bed that build bead at sewage disposal t
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Keyword: Current situation of research of fluid-bed water treatment

One, sewage disposal setting

Our country is a drought is short of the country with serious water, gross of fresh water resource is 2.8 trillion stere, occupy the 6 % of global water natural resources, be next to Brazil, Russia and Canada, house world the 4th, but average per capita has 2300 stere only, the 1 / that is world average level only 4, 1 / of the United States 5, 121 rank on the world, it is the whole world one of countries with the poorest natural resources of water of 13 average per capita.

According to monitoring, at present groundwater of countrywide most city is polluted by the shape of the knead dough that order state of certain level, and the tendency that has accentuation of year after year. Serious with each passing day water pollution reduced the use function of water system not only, farther aggravate the contradiction that water natural resources is in short supply, can last what carrying out to our country development strategy brought serious effect, and serious still menace arrives of townsman water the health of safety and people.

It is with Xi'an city exemple, xi'an city built area area to already amounted to 187k 2000, population 3.26 million. Basis " Xi'an town drain off water plans (came 1995 2010) " , cent of Xi'an downtown urban district collects a system for 6 sewage, current situation sewage discharges gross about 800 thousand / D, sewage disposal rate is made an appointment with 34% .

Catchment of Xi'an city current situation serves an area to make an appointment with 152.2k, catchment conduit reachs northeast outskirt part to be collecting fitting except old the city zone outside, the others is made with billabong give priority to. Drainpipe net overall length makes an appointment with 835.4km. Among them sewage conduit 490km (include current situation collecting fitting) , popularity rate 67% , storm sewer canal 345.4km, popularity rate 45% , tubal canal density makes an appointment with 5.5km/k. At present waste pipe net admits urban foul water to measure about 800 thousand / D, already built urban sewage treatment plant two, always handle ability 270 thousand / D, sewage disposal is led 34% , among them sewage treatment plant of boreal stone bridge 150 thousand / D, sewage treatment plant of Home Deng village 120 thousand / D.

In the meantime, xi'an city is the city that natural resources of a water lacks, whole town average per capita has surface water resource to measure inadequacy 350, have the 1/6 of the quantity and 1/20 for the whole nation and world average per capita only, maintain place of environment of an area socioeconomy acceptedly to require the critical cost of 1000 under international greatly, as the city is modern henceforth of the process accelerate, shortage of water natural resources will affect urban water supply. And sewage is a kind of stability is reliable, but the water resource that second birth uses, it is a when solve a city to lack water important way, sewage is used at the respect such as landscape of afforest of industrial and mining enterprises, municipal environmental sanitation, gardens and urban wadi via after deepness is handled, can be being answered.
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