Brief analyse reachs current situation of industry of hot pump water heater rest
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The first part: Current situation of hot pump trade brief analyse

Industry brief analyse

Hot pump water heater is called " water heater of the Five Dynasties " , basically 3 sort fasten a product: Water heater of water heater of air source hot pump, fountainhead hot pump and land source heat up pump water heater, among them water heater of air source hot pump applies at present most extensive. Hot pump water heater is not use in that way like common water heater light gas or resistor to heat, use hot pump principle however, absorb pressurization of quantity of heat to form heat energy to make the equipment of a kind of hot water of hot water from outside ambient. The advantage with hot pump the biggest water heater is energy-saving, safe, environmental protection, it uses 1 degree of report to be able to get the quantity of heat of about 4 degrees of report, and report is done not have in water more the person that let use is at ease. The growing pace that is this kind of efficient and energy-saving product caught up with the country is founded " managing model society " rhythm, because this got the attention of numerous consumer and manufacturer, media.

One, industry

It is already special and mature that hot pump technology is in abroad, but enter our country just a few years of time. As a result of the foreground with considerable industry, attracted a lot of businesses in succession sortie, be like solar energy enterprise, air conditioning enterprise, still a lot of spell outfit business.

Because insecurity of the sources of energy reachs the change of power installed capacity, of national policy tilt, whole society is energy-saving fall the external environment of bad news brought development opportunity to hot pump water heater. According to came 2003 the current that energy consumption increased 2006, to 2020 energy demand will be as high as coal of many tons of 40 standard, price of the sources of energy also is sure to be climbed considerably litre, at present city of majority of and other places of Guangdong, Jiangsu publishs relevant provision, the kerosene boiler product that washs out high-energy source, low production value (began taboo boiler 2007 like Guangdong regulation, jiangsu area also begins to prohibit miniature boiler) , supervise and urge privilege offers on power system price, be like: Limited company of energy-saving science and technology designs bright red eagle and Wen Zhengxue courtyard heats up the Suzhou university of construction aircrew of pump hot water, replace project of oil fired boiler, get Jiangsu saves classics trade appoint the sources of energy of 400 thousand replaces award.

Accordingly, tilt from the reachs a place policy central, the addition of spending of hot pump product was stimulated on certain level, its environmental protection and energy-saving sex, as it happens complied with tide, to the sale of this product growth created huge vacuum. Current, agency of a lot of solar energy, boiler and air conditioning agency wait join in hot pump sells this group line of business, make hot pump market had been begun to have to parcel area by warm-up faster grow.
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